Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pottery Sale, Registries, and

Longaberger is coming upon its last days for the pottery Sale.   please go to and click on featured items to order.   If you like purple pottery, the pottery is availble in eggplant.  If you do not know what to order, Longaberger has new dash bowls.  You can use them like the mini loaf pans, although they are smaller.  Need a travel mug for work?  the travel mugs are 1 for $16 or 2 for $32.   The pottery is perfect for a Wedding, Mother's day, or even a grad gift.  

Registries and Wishlists  (How to)

It is that time of year again. Weddings, graduations, Mother's day, Father's day, and moving. If you are one of the more fortunate ones to go through these happy moments, you are in good company. June and September are the most popular months for weddings, so i have been told. June also a good month for graduatons, both high school and college. Spring in general is a great time to move, and there is also mother's day, fathers day, and babies. Did you know that you can make wishlists, and registries on my website?

Yes, I can do bridal, new home, and new baby registries.   I also have wishlists.  Click here to start a registry list.  It is localed on the bottom right.   If this is your first time on my website, you need to create an account.   Once you create an account, do the following :

1)  Select either create a registry or wish list
2)   Look over you information to make sure that the information that Longaberger has is correct.
3)   If you want a co-registrant, select yes or no.
4)   Select date by clicking on the calendar, select event type (wedding, New home, baby, other)
5)   Select pre and post date addresses. 
6)   Save the registry.
7)   Announce on your invites that you have a registry, and from there, your guests can search for your registry by Name and state; ID, or Email
You can also update your registry or wishlist
The wishlist is really simpleto create as well, but both the registry and the wish does allow you to select your items so you can give that list to your family and friends.

So sorry it took so long for me to post.   I was not sure if I could have a blog, and I can.   I will check in at least once a week.     Take care, and God Bless you all.


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