Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a little inspiration- A guide to gift giving

Hello, I am Patti, your little holiday elf, ready to give you inspiration into gift giving. Believe it or not, the holidays are fast approaching, and soon, everyone on your list will be shopping, getting gifts, receiving cards, and presents from one and all. Santa has given me permission to help spread the holiday spirit throughout the land. It is never too early to shop for that special someone on your list, and you want to stay ahead of your game, by shopping early. Don’t know what to get them? Give them the gift of Longaberger in their stockings, and they will appreciate the thought of you thinking of them.

Follow these suggestions, and you cannot go wrong.

• For the tree decorator: Get them the 2010 Tree Trimming Little Falling Snow Basket Set with WoodCrafts Lid. It sits on a table by the tree or anywhere in the house. Fill it with holiday candy, or other goodies. Better yet, how about putting a gift card inside to their favorite store (sorry not included). You will have an instant container that is recyclable, and recycling is good for the environment, and nothing to throw out.

• For the baker: how about the Woven Traditions Cake Pan Set (Set of 2). Now they will have pans that do not rust out, is vitrified, which means that it is dish washer safe, can freeze , place in the refrigerator, perfect for singles to warm food in the oven. Speaking of ovens, the pans do bake a wonderful cake, that will not burn. You can even microwave with it. That is not all you can do with these cake pans. Create a center piece using candles, a wreath, or vines. Place a flower in the center of the pan. Change it out as the seasons change. Instant decorations for the center of a party table, or sideboard. Place ornaments in for Christmas, fruit, or pinecones for a fall look.

Oval Muffin Basket with Protector makes a great corporation gift to give to employees or clients. This is great for realtor who just sold a home to their clients. Place a gift card in as a welcome to your new home gift.

• For the sports fan: NFL WoodCrafts Cutting Board (32 teams to choose from). They can cheer on their favorite team and be prepared for the superbowl (or any kind of bowl game for that matter) at the same time. Serve meats and cheeses on it. How about that centerpiece explained earlier?

These are just a few gift ideas for the holidays. For more information on gift ideas to give a person, visit my shop at , and remember what Santa and Patti the Little Elf said, “It is never too early or too late to shop with Longaberger.”

Oh, BTW, to make it extra special, why not shop from your own website? It is free when you become a consultant for free. For details, click on “Join me”. It just takes a few minutes, and you will be shop on your own free website in no time.

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