Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday Special-October 5

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and also the team I am on is having a luncheon on the 16th at the Longaberger®Golf Course.  for those who follow locally, I do apologize of not promoting this sooner than later, but maybe you will want to join us next year.   the purpose of this luncheon is to raise funds for not only breast cancer awareness but all forms of cancer.  I need to get started in making my cards, and my journal for a silent auction.

Tomorrow's special also also have meaning, because $1 of each sale will be sent to the American Cancer Society.   You will also get one free.

My father survived breast cancer over 25 years ago, while I lost a best friend to the disease.   Lois was a beautiful person, who loved the Lord, and who devoted her time to children, both as a school teacher, and a mentor.   We went to the same church together, and she made sure that childen learned all they can to get a good education, and to do their best to contribute to the world around them.   She had taught me a lot about feeling good about myself.
One year, I was one of the chaperons to a group of youth who were traveling to St. Louis, MO for a conference.   We had arrived, but the staff did not have our rooms ready, but we were welcome to sit around, and wait.    before that time, I had not stayed in a hotel as nice as the Adam's Mark Hotel downtown St. Louis, and I was in awe of the hotel.   I was telling Lois how I loved the way the hotel was, and then I said something that I should not have let come out of my mouth.   I said the words, "I do not deserve to be in a beautiful place as this hotel."    Lois got mad, and told me that she did not want to hear me say that phrase again coming out of my mouth.   She was right, it was a degrading remark to myself, even though I did not mean to say it like that.   What Lois meant by that remark was everyone deserves to be in any place anywhere in the United States, no matter what your social status is, or how much money you have.   it does not matter, because YOU matter.   That was the type of person that Lois was, and it was a privilege to have her in my life as one of my  mentors.   I thank God for her and her family.   Her children are grown.  Her daughter is a teacher like her, and has a daughter of her own, while her son plays sax and is an accomplish musician.

My dad is a wonderful man, and together with my mom,he has raised two children, a third as their own, and now they are raising a grandchild.   he was a miltary man, 20 years in the Air force, 10 years with both the post office and the state.   My dad is strict, like most parents of the 70's and 80's, but he also has a sense of humor that makes you wonder how you know this man, LOL.   He sings in the key of Q (for those of you who are musicians, you know you cannot find that on the piano), and he has one dance for every song, but he is my dad.   I also thank God for him as well, and dad means well.   I did not always see that.

Why I have mention these two people, because they are/were in my life, and they are part of the millions of people who have survived or died of the disease.   I am sure that there is someone in your life who is like that.   If it is not breast cancer, then it is some other cancer, or heart disease.   They come into your life and has a great influence on it.   That is worth celebrating for.

You take care, and remember this month by getting a mammogram, if you already have not done so.   enjoy the reast of your week.    God bless you.

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