Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is the end of January

I am looking for $500, and I would love some help.  Here how:

1) Have a catalog show. Get several people together, and go in on an order. Visit , and look at my website. Many people think that they always have to buy a basket. I have come to find out in my career that there are basket people, pottery people, and wrought iron people. There are also people who love accessories such candles, and wall art (did you know that Longaberger carries these?) You can either order online with everyone’s order or email me (see below).

2) Order Today's Wednesday Special.  This week is all about the superbowl.   Who is your team, The Packers or The Steelers?

3) Many of the fall and winter retiring as of Monday, and if you have thinking about getting any items from that line, now is the time to do it.

4) If you are having a get together for the superbowl, did you know that Longaberger carries food products, such as seasoning mixes that can be turned into dips? There is Southwest blend, Parmesan Garlic Seasoning Blend, and one that is retiring at the end of the month, Jalapeno Cilantro seasoning Blend. They are not just for dips either. I have seasoned my chicken, fish, and seafood with it, and made recipes with the seasonings in it. they are wonderful in soups (I make this terrific “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup”, and all you need to make it is the food you already have, no need to go to the grocery store, as long as you can make a stock base, have vegetables (can veggies even work in this soup), and meat (or go totally vegan by tossing in some extra firm tofu.) I toss in my seasonings, and simmer for 45 mins to an hour.

5) How about ordering online. My website takes Visa, Mastercard and Discover. You can always use paypal as well. Just email me your order at, and I will do the order. Before I submit it, I will email you the total, and then you send me the payment through Paypal.

6) How about a fundraiser. Your group gets to keep 40% of the profits, and I get the group sales credit. Email me for further details.

7) Do you have an up and coming anniversary, wedding or birth of a baby? Celebrate it by ordering a design a basket. What this program is all about is another way for you to raise money for your organization, group, or just because. Order a basket, and lid. The lid will be engraved with something special like “Jen and Ben’s 40th Anniversary”, if it is one basket or if you have something such as a group, “Clair United Methodist Church’s 98th anniversary”, then you can sale the baskets for a profit. Just let me know and I can help you work out the details.

I would love to see my monthly totals at least $500 every month, but I understand with the economy and recent holiday sales, so I am just going to say….Sign up to become a consultant. You can sign up as little as $19. There is an extra special incentive which is a trip to Maui. More details if you sign up, I do not want to spoil the surprise. See I got to keep some things to myself, but I hope I get to share in the secret with someone other than the ones already on my team. So if you want to know, and you think you know you can sell (I believe in you), become a consultant, and soon you may be saying, “Aloha” to Maui.


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