Friday, April 22, 2011

I am looking for a few good sales


by Patricia Logan on Friday, April 22, 2011 at 12:03am

(Note:  This is a copy from a Facebook note I wrote on my fan page last night....)

I am taking a clue from my friend, John Lovejoy in asking, almost practically begging that I need sales. I love doing what I do, but I cannot do it without you. People always support the big name stores, and that it OK, but they can always find customers. If not, they may be out of business. I may be a small business, but, if I do not have the customers, how am I going to stay in business? So what I am saying is, I have my calendar open for May and June for parties, both catalog and home parties. If you do not want it in your home, we can go somewhere else to have it. Your choice. I also except orders. My goal is $12,000 towards the end of June. Another option is if you in need of a fundraiser for your organization, please let me know.

I understand totally if you do not have the money at this moment. The pottery sale is in its last two weeks, and all pottery is 20% off. Perfect for wedding and graduation presents. I would appreciate it if you cannot order anything or have a party for the month of May or June, you could refer me to a friend or two. An idea is having a home party where you and a friend be the hostesses, and the hostess products can be split between the two of you?
We can get together with a few of your friends, and have for example, a girl’s night out. I will even supply the wine, if you want. All you to do is supply the friends. We can sit back, and look at the Longaberger products. I can show
how they would fit perfectly in your home or office. You can also have a catalog show. I can send you a couple of catalogs, and you can show them to your friends and family to see if they would order something from the book. You
will get the same benefits as a home party, and it works if you are out of town.

My shop address is if you want to order something online. You can also email me at

Thank You

Patricia L. Logan

Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.

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