Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The new Eclipse Basket

"Holy Double Splints, Batman", Robin would say, if they were looking for something to show and entertain with for all their rich superhero friends.   I think that if the Dynamic Duo (Batman and Robin) were to look for something to entertain with, I believe they would choose this "dynamic duo", The new Eclipse Chore Basket and the New Eclipse Casserole Basket.   Let me show you what they can do in terms of decorating and entertainment value:

The Eclipse Casserole Basket: $42

  • The Woven Traditions® Buffet Bowl fits perfectly inside to make toting your favorite summer salad simple and gorgeous to your next BBQ.
  • With the protector, add the Woven Traditions Small Low Bowl or Soup & Salad Bowl to the center and create a party pal for chips and salsa, potato chips and dip, veggies and dip and more.
  • Add a potted plant for a beautiful and mysterious look.
The Eclipse Chore Basket: $49

  • The Woven Traditions Loaf Dish fits perfectly inside. And, don't forget to add on the Hearty Beer Bread Mix.
  • With the protector, serve the Parmesan Garlic Seasoning dip mix in the Contour Small Flare Bowl with Hearty Beer Bread cubed on the side.
  • Use this functional hero to transport your party supplies to your gathering - plates, napkins, cups and utensils tuck great inside.
  • Take time for a coffee break - include two Woven Tradition Mugs, two Soft Square Small Bowls stacked, along with two spoons.
Be sure to check out this "Dynamic Duo" for today only by going HERE.   

You know I am always saying that these products make wonderful gift.   Take for instance, The Eclipse Chore Basket.  I can see this basket making the perfect wedding, coffee lover's birthday, office or house warming gift when you add two Woven Tradition mugs, Two of the Soft Square Small Bowls, spoons, and flavored creams, coffees, and sugars, any coffee combination you can think of.   Now all the receiver needs to do is add water (or Ice), but now in the basket,   If the person does not like Coffee, then substitute the coffee for their favorite drink of choice.

For the Eclipse Casserole Basket, I see a dips and salsa basket.   Place your favorite dip and salsa in individual bowls  (like the June only special-Summer Lovin' Melamine Lidded Storage Set).   next surround the bowls with your favorite chips, and it is an instant party.     Makes a great gift too.

the Summer Months linger on....tip

No doubt summer bring fun in the sun, break time for the kids (and a few select adults), and vacations.   Be careful as you drive around the neighborhoods, children do not often watch for cars and other vehicles when they chase after balls and each other.   I know there have been way too many accidents in the past couple of weeks in the Central Ohio area where kids being struck, because both the child and the adult behind the wheel did not watch for each other.  It is a nationwide problem.    Also, PLEASE DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT.   There is a reason why the speed limit is set the way it is.   Leave on time, and no talking on the cell phone.   no call is too important that you cannot answer at a later time, That goes for texting too.   the average human cannot concentrate on two things at once.   If you must answer the cell phone, pull off to the side of the road.  You can replace a phone and car, but not a life.   So be careful out there, and remember that we are all someone's loved one.   

July is...

  • National Blueberry Month-Bake some blueberry muffins, and deliver them in a Longaberger basket.   If you are a Home consultant, add a note saying, "If you like this basket, I can get you another one just like this one.   Call me"
  • National Anti-Boredom Month-Beat the boredom, and do something creative out there.  While you are at it, beat the heat as well.
  • Unlucky Month for weddings-Beat odds and make it a bride's lucky day, by getting her a gift she will appreciate.   
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month-Do this by, once again: No texting or talking on the phone while driving.   (Did you know that congress is trying to make this a national law?)  No yelling and screaming on the phone.  Not everyone wants to hear the conversation, and you may not want them to either.  Turn off the speaker option when in a public area.   Please turn off the cell phone in concerts, areas of worship (Unless God is calling you); funerals, eddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Putting it on vibrate will help if you mush have it on.
  • National Hot Dog Month-Great way to enjoy a hot dog is with ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, and onions.   I love cheese and chili sauce on mine, but will go with the first way to eat it.  My niece loves it "Au Natural" or "naked dog".  But you cannot argue with a 2 year old. 
  • National Ice Cream Month-Ahh, My favorite dessert food next to chocolate.  What's even better is when I can dive into a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, and chopped peanuts. So get yourself a great big bowl (in moderation) of your favorite flavor, and dive right in.  You can always serve it up in a Woven Traditions Soup and Salad Bowl, Woven Traditions Soft Square Small Bowl, or a Woven Traditions Small Low Bowl.  
  • Independence Day (4th)-The 4th of July.   A celebratory event in this nation when we came one country, separated from the British.   Go ahead and decorate.  Find all the red (Paprika), White (Ivory), and Blue (Cornflower) you can get, and then some.   See a fireworks display or two.   Have fun with family and friends.   Live it up.   Today and tomorrow is the last day you can get the Americana collection of baskets and pottery on sale.   Fact:  Did you know that back in the 1700s, there was talk and a vote whether English or German would become the official language in the US?  Click HERE if you want to read about it.
  • Horizon Of Hope Month.  Starting July 1, $2 of all Horizon of Hope products (special baskets, accessories, mugs, and new this year, scarfs) will go to the American Cancer Society for further research towards a cure of all cancers. Stay tuned , as I have something planned for this year.   Anything I do for this campaign will be in honor of my Aunt Mary, who had breast surgery last month, and is going through treatment right now; my father, a 25 year breast cancer survivor (Yes, men can get it too); and in memory of my friend, Lois Copper, who died in 2002 after a long battle with the disease (she was diagnosed at the same time as daddy).  Be on the look out. 
Well that is it for this month.   Also next month, I will have other things, such as new products to report, and how to decorate with them. This is when I go downtown to the convention center to learn all about the new fall products, so stay tuned for that as well.

Until next month, be well, and remember the Wacky Wednesday Special.  It ends at Midnight EST. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

If you want to schedule a Home party with me...

I just love the scarf.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you seeing double?

This is the video campaign for double Hostess dollars for the month of June.   So what are hostess dollars?  When you become a hostess of a home or a catalog party, you can earn hostess dollars.   You can spend them like cash.   Here is a video from Longaberger which explains the how the whole process:

If you would like to host a catalog party:  contact me at and leave a email message.  If you are local, and would like to schedule a home party.  There is still time to do so.  Please leave a message in my inbox.  Please leave your name and how to contact you.

Collendar Bowl and plate...
is currently available for today only

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ebay and changing mind about switching blog servers (for now)

This is the third time I have tried to write about my Ebay listings.   I have the following up on Ebay, as a new way to expand my Tricia's Baskets (AKA my Longaberger business.)   I have listed the following products in Ebay:

* The Large Entertaining Basket
* The Large Entertaining Basket combo (comes with a lidded protector)
* The Spring Basket (Goofed on the title, and it is called Longaberger Spring Basket)
* The Spring Basket Combo (comes with protector) (Goofed on this title too, and it is called Spring Basket)
* The Tea Basket
* The Tea Basket Combo Set (comes with protector)

The whole idea is to let customer purchase these items (each quantity is 10 each), and if you are familiar with Ebay's system, you know there is an auction side, and a buy it now side or non-bidding side.   All of these listings are on the non-bidding side of Ebay, and I hope you will take a look at them.  If you want to purchase them, you have 25 days to do it, before they are sold out, but you can always go to as well.

That is all I have for today.