Friday, July 1, 2011


June is winding down and so is the selling season.  July 1st starts fresh and new.    So if there is anything you every wanted from June, You have the last few hours to visit my website:   Remember my shop is open 24/7/365 days of the year.   No need to go out to wait in long lines, lessen the chances of not finding what you need or want.

Horizon of Hope:

Tomorrow starts the Horizon of Hope campaign.   This year for the campaign, I am doing something different, and Longaberger has four new  items for the campaign.   

The first new item is a Hope of Hope travel cup. ($18)   It reminds me of those carryout coffee cups you get at places like Starbucks or McDonalds.   The cup itself is a made of pottery, and has Horizon of Hope and the breast cancer ribbon on it.   the top is a silicone one. 

Travel Cup and Scarf (c) The Longaberger Company

 Next new item is a Scarf. ($20) It is made of cotton, and it various shapes of pink.  July 1-15, for every $50 you order, you can get the scarf for just $10.

 The Potpourri basket Set ($58) comes with sweet cherry blossom Potpourri , or purchase the potpourri separate ($34) to place  in any basket or pottery to make your whole room small good.

Potpourri Basket (c) by The Longaberger Company

While I am at it, this year HOH Basket is:

2011 Horizon of Hope Basket (c) The Longaberger Company 

You can get it warm brown or white.   The set is on sale for $68, and a set of 2 is $72.   You can also purchase one for $40.

Check out all July Specials beginning tomorrow at    For every purchase, $2 will go towards the American Cancer society.

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