Thursday, July 21, 2011

Renewing yourself as a consultant… Go to your company’s convention-part 1

July is a wonderful month for vacations.   Some people go to the beach, while others opt for a new term called a Staycation.   A staycation is a vacation where you stay at home or tour your state or country’s best attributes.   This is not a post about what do on your staycation, or where to go.  I just want to talk a few minutes about my staycation and being a consultant for a wonderful direct selling company called Longaberger.   Really the post is not even about that, it is about renewing oneself.  

Most companies operate on a fiscal year, not a calendar year.  To explain it all takes me to write another post.   The selling season for Longaberger is from July 1 of the current calendar year to June 30 of the next year.  So means the current selling year runs from July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012.   Every July, we have our annual Bee.   Some companies call their conventions something else, but the purpose is still the same:  register to go, plan to get off work if you are still working, or plan for some vacation time off from your business if you are not.   I do not currently work outside of the home.   It is my choice, because I am not old enough to retire (today is my 47th birthday, nowhere near 55 years of age).  You sign in, take in some classes (training), go to the general session to find out how the company is doing, more training, congratulate the top sellers and sponsors, have fun seeing the new products (that is in a few hours.)   If you are lucky like me, you do not have to check into a hotel (I live 10 mins from the place.)  I am nice and cozy in my office typing the first half of this post turning slowly into an article.

Like I said, I got up, dressed, and headed where the Bee was supposed to be.   Traffic was nice, I sung to my favorite gospel songs .  I parked the car, and went in.   I could feel the energy en the air, as I walked towards registration, and relieved that I did not have to hike two hundred miles to get there (although the convention center is huge.)  I saw my leader and spoke to her for a minute.    I sat down at my first training session, ”Brewing up August bookings.” Let me stop for a moment, because you are probably wondering two things:  1) what the heck is a Longaberger, and 2) What does this have to do with me?   

The Longaberger Company started in 1973 by Dave Longaberger, and the company makes baskets, pottery, wrought iron, candles, food, and accessories.    The company’s baskets are made in the USA, and the baskets are very functional and can be used in organization.  They are accompany by protectors and liners.  The pottery can be used for entertaining and dinnerware, and they are requested by more brides as the perfect china pattern.   Wrought iron is used in the company’s tables, organization units, and for the first time this year, wall hangings.  I will answer the other question later.  

Anyway, after learning about how the new Halloween products can increase sales, I went to learn how to increase sales with Collector’s club, and offering Collector’s Club to my customers.  I already have one customer who is already in the club, and whenever she order, she orders the regular items in the wish list (Longaberger catalog), and collector’s club products as well.  How am I ever going to get other customer on board with the club?  I will find out after Monday.   After that class, I made my way across the street to where my leaders year end meeting is taking place.   I am part of her central line, and I always attend her meetings, even if it means driving 45 mins to get to it.   I love it, I pull out my 1st generation IPod Nano, hook it to my car stereo, and I am singing away.  I love traveling.
We had pizza, and then my leader gave out awards various things.   I will be celebrating my 10 year with the company coming October 8th.  They also sung happy birthday to me.   We had fun.
I am looking forward to the morning session, and we get to see all the wonderful products for the fall and holiday season.   I loved last year’s collection, and I am sure I will love this year’s.   If you want to hear more, come back to this blog this evening.   I may be tired, but I will post something.

Oh, one more thing.   You want to know what in it for you?    If you sell for anyone, whether it is in retail, or direct sells, you can relate to this post.  Perhaps, you have already had your convention, or about to have it.   If this is your first time, you are in for a treat, no matter what your company sells.  If you are in it for the passion of the products presented to you in the general session, great.  If you are it for the money, not so great.   If you are in it to learn something, you will go far with your business.   You will see someone who has do it, and try to be like him/her.  Go at your own pace.  You will get there.   That person got there, because they are good at what they do.  You find a purpose in your business, get good at it, and you too will shine.   What’s in it for you is what you make out of your business.  
If you have been contemplating about going to your company’s convention, go, learn something.   Learn with make that company shine. 

Like I said, if you want to learn more about Longaberger’s Bee, stay tuned, I will have more tonight. 

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