Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are you a coffee drinker? If so, how would you like to have that first cup Fresh EVERY TIME!

The #1 reason people are often disappointed with the coffee at home is that it’s gone stale.   Their coffee sat in a warehouse and then on a store shelf long before they bought it.  So when Tami Longaberger discovered a boutique roaster who exceptional coffee in small batches for freshness, she seized the opportunity to craft a special blend worthy of the Longaberger name.  That coffee is Longaberger Private Reserve 100% pure Arabica coffee.  I can tell you from experience that it tastes great, and I take my coffee with soy at some of these specialty shops. 
Now it’s your turn to seize the opportunity----join the Longaberger Coffee Club today and get almost 50% off this special coffee delivered fresh to your door every month.
Each shipment includes four half-pound packages, sealed separately to preserve freshness. And, as a gift to new subscribers, we’ll send you a free Woven Traditions Travel Cup with your third shipment---a $20 value!  Truly fresh flavorful coffee worthy of the Longaberger name.   Subscribe * today!

* Or click on the My Shop tab above to go to my website, and enter Item #62653 for the Longaberger Coffee Club.  Regular is available now, with decaf coming very soon.  $30 per month.

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