Friday, April 27, 2012

I had a fun day...Sales all weekend long.

I went to work.   Most people do not think that work is fun, but this on was.  One of the newest perks of being a Longaberger Home consultant is promoting the position, the products, and the company at one of 9 showrooms cross the country.  I was at the main showroom, located in Frazeysburg, Ohio.  My feet hate me, but this was my job for the day:

Last month, I called Guest Relations to volunteer being part of customer service.  So today at 11am, I arrived, and was shown by Peg who works there, where all the product was placed.  I was upstairs on the second floor and introduced myself to customers who were shopping and asked if they needed any help finding merchandise.   I also asked if they had a consultant.   If no, then I would politely if they mind receiving my business card.   The cashier does ask a customer for a consultant's number, if they have one.  If not, the sale commission is unclaimed and goes to the working consultant that day.    One of the requirements if a consultant is working at Homestead that day is to have any fliers, wish lists (catalogs), and business cards so the customer does have someone to work with.  You get the commission regardless, but it helps the customer if they want to order merchandise in the catalog.

So if you are a Longaberger Home Consultant and you are reading this article, make extra commission by volunteering at a showroom near you.  I finished at 4pm, so that is 5 hours worth of sale commissions which me and another consultant will receive.  Oh I am not done.  I also signed up for May 10 and 25; June 5 and 25.  The only problem I had was (well 2, but I will not tell the other one) I did not have my name tag with me. Otherwise I had fun.

Specials to tell you about.


This sale is amazing.  Get the social Gathering basket Set for an amazing price of $49.  The set comes with the basket and protector, and it can be shown in the above picture with the 8 in 1 bowl set.     The basket comes in Warm Brown, Rich Brown, and Black.   It is also available for $59 in the current combinations of Spice Market and Fern Valley.   What is even more amazing is it comes in 47 Team Spirit color combinations.   So if you are adding on to your collection of Steelers baskets, looking for a little springtime spice and flare with Spice Market, or adore the basket in black, you will get an addition savings on shipping for $9.75.  That's the entire order for $9.75 with you order the basket set.   The sale ends at Midnight Monday, April 30th.

DON'T FORGET:  The pottery sale is still on for the month April. Save 20% on all dinnerware and Flatware.  This sale also ends at midnight on April 30th.

Become Mom's Favorite...and slip in a little something for yourself (Shh, don't tell her you did )

When you purchase online for mom this weekend, save up to 50% on select baskets, pottery, handbags and jewelry in the Longaberger At Home showrooms and Longaberger at Home Online (click the tab at the top of this blog).  Treat yourself as well.  When you spend $35, you can purchase a lunch tote for $5.  I have seen them yesterday when I was there, and they are gorgeous.

Lastly, I have to say that next Wednesday's sale is going to be Juicy....That is all I am going to say about it for now.  until next week, I wish you blessings on your weekend, and do not forget if you want it, click the links at the top of this blog, and if you have any questions, I have a new contact page.   To see the rest of my blogs, please click on the tab marked blogs. 


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