Friday, April 6, 2012

Pottery Sale for the Month of April

Brides, First home owners, and anyone who is looking for a change in your dinnerware, or adding on to your current collection, I have good news for you.   Longaberger is having a sale, a Pottery dinner sales for the entire month of April.  Consider these facts:

The Woven Traditions Pottery is made of vitrified pottery. 
• Vitrifies, non-porous body created from raw materials and extreme firing temperatures.  It resists chipping, cracking and crazing better.  It also means that it is safe for the dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave.
• High quality glazes.   The finish is beautiful yet durable.  Hard foods come off in a breeze.
• Embossed weave pattern which is a trademark design and logo that shows commitment to high quality, long-last pieces that coordinates to both pottery and fabric pieces.
• Available in d├ęcor-friendly colors.   They coordinate to any decorating style for everyday use, and can be dressed up for formal entertaining as well.  You can mix and match it and each piece complements each other.
You can safely place it in the oven up to 400°, however do not place it under a broiler or on top of the stove in an open flame, and avoid extreme temperatures.  
You can place an empty dish in the freeze then take it out prior serving to keep foods cold, or in an oven and take it out prior to serving to keep food warm.

Longaberger also offers stoneware products in addition to the Woven Traditions line. 
• Longaberger offers only the finest Stoneware Pottery and is fired at high temperatures to achieve a high bisque quality and to assure durability.
• Although it is fired to a lower temperature than vitrified pottery, the clay body has a 2-5% absorption rate anywhere that it is not covered by glaze.
• The lower firing temperature allows a much broader glaze color palette, allowing fresh, new hand painted decorations that are not possible for vitrified pottery.
The composition of stoneware allows for highly detailed and brightly colored designs.
• Our stoneware is safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher.
• Bakeware is oven safe.

Both the Woven Traditions pottery and stoneware meets and exceeds all FDA requirements in food safety standards.
So now that you know the facts visit my website to find out more about the Longaberger pottery line. By the way, brides, the Woven Traditions pattern is one of the most requested patterns for brides.

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