Thursday, May 10, 2012

Try it out Thursday-The Farmer's Market Basket group

This is a new segment in which I hope to incorporate into my website when completed.  It is called Try It Out Thursday.  My hope with Try it Out Thursday to inform the reader more about Longaberger or decorating with the products.  Sometimes we all need a little boost.  It does not always have to be a real big change, just a little bit at a time.  This happens to us all the time.  It happens when you are sick and tired of looking at the same thing everyday.  I want to use my home as an example:

I have been living in the same home for 10 years, 1 month, and I have not changed my furniture.  It is the same furniture I have had since I moved out of my parent's home over 12 years ago.  I remember me and mom going to pick it out.  To me, back then, it was beautiful.  Now, I come down the stairs and ask myself on some days, "are you still here", thinking that the furniture will all of a sudden take legs and walk out of the house, and a brand new set takes its place.   What I have been thinking in the last few weeks is , "How can I change this place to make it lively again?"  so I have been scheming.

Longaberger has been coming up with these fun, new colors for their baskets and pottery, until I have no choice but to change my room for the summer.  I am thinking orange, yellow, green, blue, and  something along the lines of coral/paprika (no pink for me this year).   So now I am thinking of recovering my couch and chair.  Just temporary, and you can do that with slipcovers.   I know I hear some moans and groans out there, but these are not your grandmother's or even your mother's slipcovers.  these are fitted (sort of like that fitted sheet you come to wrestle with every time you fold it or have to put on your bed).  I am saving up for a new home, but until that day comes to move, and have the money to get new furniture, I can slipcover my big pieces.

Back to Longaberger's fun covers.   May is all about the fun covers.  The monthly special products are in the Farmer's Market line of baskets and pottery.  We have all seen farmer's markets.  These are places where you go to gather fruits and vegetables, as well as other specialty items, and purchase from local growers.  These colors have been incorporated into the Farmers's Market Long Market basket, Farmer's Market Double Berry Basket and the New Double Beverage Basket.  The Long Market Basket, which made its debut last fall, is perfect for a gathering on the go or a sundae bar.  It is also perfect for a fun child's room to place favorite toys, diapers, or even hair bows (a girl cannot have enough hair bows).   The Double Beverage Basket is great for carrying your favorite beverage inside (even baby bottles for that long road trip)  beverage chillers are available free this month only.  The Double Berry Berry, alone with the Woven Traditions Square Berry Bowl provides not only a place to put condiments, salads, toppings bar, and other goodies, but you can use them in the bathroom, craft room, and vanity area of the bedroom.  As always, all Longaberger products are interchangeable, and can be interwoven with products you already have, would like to get, or in your already established decor.

It is always fun to change up the style you already have.  This does not have to be a permanent move either. Put away the things you have already in your space for something fresh, and when the time comes, you can always change it back.   Add a little wall color, and you will have a fresh new room.   If you can afford to, try to have a seasonal look for your home (fall/winter, spring/summer, holiday).  You may find that it will brighten up your day.  Both Oprah Winfrey and Nate Berkus have said that a home has to rise up to greet you, and I believe that.  You do not have to do a whole house redo, but put in little touches here and there as you budget will allow, even if it nothing but a bunch of flowers from the grocery store.

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