Friday, June 8, 2012

Do you have what it takes to sell?

Need extra cash?   I am always asking this question from time to time.  The reason why I ask this question?   I ask this question because someone out there may need a way out of their financial situation.  Someone may have one or two bills which are overwhelming to them, and their present job situation is not enough to help with those bills.   Bills are not the only reason.  There may be many, many reasons why a person may need extra cash.   My own reason was school related.  
I was nearing the end of my schooling at Franklin University, and I needed an internship in marketing.   I have tried time and time again to get one, and failed.  Some did not hired me for reasons unknown, while others hired me, and then found out that the finance department could not pay an intern.  They could not afford me as an unpaid intern either.  I got so fed up with the whole situation until I decided to create my own internship, but what to do.  I decided right there to sell something.   Direct selling was the way to go, but which one?    There are so many to choice from.  Finally, I decided to go with either Pampered Chef or Longaberger.  I inquired into both.  I barely knew anything about Pampered Chef, and I was familiar with Longaberger.  I met with the Pampered Chef rep first.   She explained the business and what was expected of me as a consultant.   I was not happy with the idea that I had to cook during the party.   It wasn't that I was a bad cook.  The problem was my eczema, and during that period, it was flaring up, and even though I would wear gloves during the cooking demos, I was still not sure I wanted to do that.
Next, I had a meeting with Scott, who ended up being my first sponsor.  he was wonderful in explaining everything to me.   I thought I would have no problems, and said yes to the idea, of being an independent sale consultant.   I was nervous at first, because the only times I spoke in front of someone was during my speech class, and when I had to give a report in other classes.  Did I get credit for joining Longaberger?  No I did not. the administrators at the school would not allow it.  Although I had an upline who would sign off any papers that I needed for my assignments, the school said that I needed to be within the company, and being a consultant was not one of the positions within Longaberger.   I still graduated without the internship, but I gain so much more than just a piece of paper.
The Direct Selling Association (DSA), which Longaberger is a proud member of, has 5 reasons for becoming part of a direct selling company like Longaberger:

1.  Be your own boss.   You get to set your own hours, work part-time or full-time, and who you are going to sell to (target market).  It is all up to you.  Every time you engage yourself into your business, you are investing time and money into it.  I invest into a full-time position into being an Independent Home Consultant, not only every time I call someone on the phone to see if they would like to purchase something from me, but that time is also about engaging myself as an online presence and participating in the company's activities.   I feel this is the only way to learn about the Longaberger company full on.  You may not have that much time to spend doing this because you other things that important to you.  Again, it is all up to you.

2.  Save time and money.  The products you sell can often lead to discounts when you make a purchase yourself.  In fact, you could be your own best customer.   There is nothing wrong with that.  For instance, I can get 20% off of all Longaberger products, and if my sales are at a certain level, I may actually get them for free as an incentive for a great sales month.  You do not have an office to go to, so unless you are driving to a meeting or having a party.  Another thing, I do not carry inventory, only samples.  this is a great save if you have problems with space like I do,

3.  Expand your circle of friends.   This can come in the form of your team members, your leader, or the customers you meet.   I have met in all walks of life, and going to convention is great too (more on that in a moment).  You build relationships that often last a lifetime.

4.  Rewards and achievements.  Yes, the rewards are wonderful.  They come in the form of trips, prizes, and earned income.   The more you make per month, the more you earn, and at Longaberger there are several ways to earn your reward.  You can earn those rewards by having online shows, home shows (parties), having a customer order through your own personal website provided by the company, your own personal sales, and working at the any of the 9 Longaberger at home shops.   You can even still have a catalog show and vender at an event. It is up to you where and how you make those earnings to achieve your goals and gain rewards.

5.  Build income.   Who would not want that? After all, it is the main reason why you signed up to become a consultant, whether it is with Longaberger or some other company.   Whatever company you decide to rep for, be sure to know that it is your income, your bread and butter money that you want to build.  

I do hope that you consider if this what you want.   I am head over to convention in a few weeks, and I would love to have you join me.   One other thing, If you do not feel comfortable in front of people and you hate selling, then do not look into this, because direct selling is not for everyone, and if you are thinking that you will become a millionaire from this, think again.  I ask at the beginning of this post if you want to make extra money.   For some people, that is all that it is, extra money.  Direct selling is not some get rich quick scheme. For others, it is about the products.  That is fine. You will have to pay for any business kits up front, including with Longaberger.   If you are pressed for money, you basic no product kit with paperwork will cost around $19.   You can decide to get product, and pay $99 and $199 for the business with product and paperwork.   What's the difference you may ask?  Again, the $19 kit is paperwork, and it is for people who want to just sell online  through they website, social media (facebook and twitter), and through email and blogs.  One of the things I was able to do with this blog was to make my website a page on my blog.  Every time you click on My shop or Longaberger at Home, it will take you to my sites.  The other two kits is just how much product is in each kit, and Longaberger tries to place one product from each product line in the kits. 

So I ask once again, do you have what it takes to be a seller.   If you do, and you think Longaberger is the company for you, contact me, and we will talk or if you are ready, click on the Join my team link above.  

Talk you soon and good night.

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