Friday, June 29, 2012

Latest copy of Longaberger Destinations....

I love telling my customers (and potential customers) what is going on at Longaberger and Longaberger at Home.  I want to know that Longaberger is more than just a company which sells Baskets, pottery, wrought iron, and accessories, such as food, it is a whole experience when you throw in visiting the shops.  I also love to tell people what they would get if they become a consultant.   From the year that Longaberger got started until 2011, the Longaberger experience was a home consultant would come to your home, they would show the product, and then give you the opportunity to purchase.   The process was long and tedious for both the consultant and the host(ess), but fun.  I will never say that going to people's homes was not fun.  I have a blast when I get show a hostess and guests the quality and the functionality of  Longaberger products, up close and personal.   When the 21st century came in, Longaberger started looking for new ways to show the products, knowing that people's lives got busier.  2011 ushered in online shopping and the online party.  So now customers can shop from their own home, and still get credit for any orders their friends and family decide to order through their party.  This year allows customers to shop the Longaberger at Home, where customers can come in, shop, and if they have a consultant, their purchases can build the consultant's business for incentives and other benefits.  There are currently 9 locations with more to open up later this year.  There are always new opportunities in becoming a Longaberger Home Consultant.  If you love to sell, earn a commission, a discount of 25% on current products and 20% on products on Longaberger at home products, as well as incentives, click on the join my Team tab above this post.Well that is all for today.  I will talk to you soon.   You have a blessed day.

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