Monday, June 18, 2012


This Wednesday's special, Sisters purses, totes and accessories will be on sale at 40% off.  So what is Sisters?   Sisters is Longaberger's tote and purse line.   What I love about Sisters purses and totes is quality as well as durability.  The cloth patterns remind me of Vera Bradley's purses and totes without the Vera Bradley prices.   So if you are a fan of her purses, you can appreciate the Sisters line of purses.   As far as having room to place all of your goodies, not a problem, because there are plenty of real estate to place your phones, wallets, and even your Ipad in all of the purses and totes (except the Crossbody purse which is a smaller purse).

Each year, I look forward to getting a bee bag for our consultant's convention.   I would love to tell you about it but it is a secret.   I will post pictures next month.  If you are looking for an office purse that is not too busy in terms of color, I recommend you try the Medallion collection, which is a black and white combination.  I can go with anything, but dressed down enough to be casual. Going on vacation?  Might I suggest the Fantasy (pink, green, blue, and white) or Daydreamer (green, aqua, navy, and white).  Imagine has sort of an Mediterranean feel, and matches well with Longaberger's Spice market items.

As for styles, you have 7 to choose from:   Stacie tote (which I have in an older fabric called Adorn, is a retired fabric (Reg. $35.50 on sale for $17.75) and can be found on the Longaberger at home site and 9 locations throughout the country) and will be retiring at end of August.   It is more of an organizer bag. Jillian Handbag is smaller, but holds a lot.  Carry Me Away tote (I also have this is a Golden Fields pattern which retired in February 2012, and may be available this fall on the Longaberger at home website) is more of a bigger organizer tote than the Stacie tote, and I can carry a lot of stuff inside. Get away for the Day tote is just that.   If you are going overnight to a friend's house, spending a day at the beach, or traveling on an airplane longer than 5 hours, this is must have.  You can even double it as a diaper bag. Please note that this style will also retire at the end of August. The Crossbody bag is a great little purse for little ladies (ages 6 and up) and for those of us who like to carry a smaller bag.  It is big enough to carry your keys and your cell phone, as well as your money and credit cards, but is compact enough to wear.  The Medium boardwalk basket is back and upgraded.   This time, the handles are made of fabric to match the liner.  The basket itself comes in Warm Brown, Rich Brown, or Black.   Lot of combinations to choose from.  Finally the Recycle tote is perfect for shopping (both grocery and other).  It is great to be green with this tote, and it comes in all of the available sister fabric lines.   Also check out the accessories which match the sisters purses and totes.  

Please note that the current fabric line will be retiring at the end of August.  if you are looking for a fun summer bag, now is the time to order, because summer is slipping away.  I cannot believe that July will be here in a couple of weeks.   Pretty soon, I will be a year older.   Until next time, be blessed.

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