Monday, July 30, 2012


is Longaberger's new line of cookware which is a must to buy.  Why am I telling you this?  Because this cookware is the healthiest cookware on the planet.  You cannot find this line anywhere except through Longaberger and through a home consultant.  Before I get to Flameware, let me give you some facts:

  • The Cookware industry is booming.  It is a $1.5 billion industry in the U.S. alone and it is the number requested item on bridal lists.  Color cookware is a trend in the marketplace.  Now here are some facts about Longaberger Flameware:
    • Longaberger is the only direct selling company who is offering a line like Flameware.  
    • If you have seen of cookware that is made of ceramic, it is just a coating on ceramic and underneath is metal.  Flameware is handcrafted with 100% natural materials
    • It will not chip, flake or leach metal into foods.
    • Flameware is a healthy alternative to other cookware, while providing great convenience.  
    • For those who know and love buying Longaberger products, they know that Flameware will have the same quality and prestige as other Longaberger products.  Users of the pottery also know that all pottery is vitrified, which means that the pottery can go from freezer or refrigerator to microwave or oven, and then to dishwasher, but Flameware is vitrified plus.  In addition being able to take those elements, Flameware is safe to go under the broiler, on the stove top and on the grill.
    • For now, Flameware is only available in a 11 1/2" Skillet, 10 1/2" lidded Braiser, 14" Pizza stone, and a 2 1/4" Quart Lidded Dutch Oven.  Each piece comes with silicon grips, which are temperature resistant up to 450 degrees.  The colors available are Ebony, Chocolate, Ivory, Sage, Cornflower, Paprika, and Butternut.  
Here is another fact about Longaberger Flameware.  Starting July 27th-through August 31, Flameware is available to order now...and at 20% off.  If you are looking to change out those cookware pieces that give off gases of lead, PFOA, and Chromium, switch to a healthier, lead-free, PFOA-free, and Chromium-free Flameware cookware.   It is better for you, your family, the environment, as well as convenient.  If you would like to look at Flameware, click on the My Shop link above or if you would like to enjoy a discount of 25%, click on the Join Me link above, which points to an opportunity to be part of the Longaberger family of consultants.
Have a great evening and be blessed each and everyday. 

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