Friday, July 27, 2012

Having a great day at training, cannot wait

Today started out with bad weather.  This was the first day of the Bee, Longaberger's convention for consultant.  I live just 10 minutes from the place, called The Greater Columbus Convention Center.  I was getting prepared for the event the night before, and I was a little worried that I would not make my first class.  Then it happened.   Thunder, lightening, high winds.  I was out of town when it hit on June 29th, and I thought, "Oh no, not again."  It was not as bad as the one on June 29th.  So when everything settled down, I pulled out of my garage and straight into the parking garage at the convention center.  It is actually one of the nicest drives I can have all year, which includes my trips up to the Longaberger Homestead in Frazeysburg, Ohio.
Anyway, I got out of my car, with my stuff, including my mom's IPad (I want one so bad), and I got my stuff, ordered my Bee Kit (will explain in a moment), and went to my first class.    My first class (which I came in the middle of) was all about using online for selling, and I am on the right track, but I have not connected the dots.   I stayed for a second session of this class.  My last class before leaving for the night was all about adding online sells to a home party.  I hit that one also on the head, but I was having no home shows (parties).  So I need to be up on my game for that one.  My only disappointment for the evening is no Horizon of Hope Party.
Horizon Of Hope donates $2 for every product under that logo sold to the American Cancer Society.  It helps with research and finding a cure.  It mainly aimed towards breast Cancer, but all forms of cancer can benefit from the monies donated.  Click here if you want to find out more about it  To date, 15 million dollars have been donated towards this cause, and I hope that you would decide to make a purchase of some type.   I will be joining my leader and the rest of my teammates in October for a Horizon of Hope luncheon.  we have a silent auction, a speech from a survivor, and eat.  It is held at Longaberger's golf course, and for $69, you can get a a basket, lunch (well actually brunch), and prizes.  Again, all of it is going towards a worthy cause.   If you are local, and you want to find out more about it.  July 31 is the last day, and I would be honored if you can join us.   Just email me at, and put in the subject header, Horizon of hope luncheon.  I will send a private email on where to send the money, which would be my Paypal account.
You know what? I am still hiring, and if you are looking to earn some extra cash for the holidays, I have something that does not have limits on the number of surveys you enter, giveaways are plentiful, and you get a discount. visit my website and click Join me. It will only cost you $19. That right, if you become a Longaberger Home Consultant for $19, you do not have to fill out any surveys, enter contest to earn extra money. Every month, there is a chance to getting free products, earn trips, and meet new people. Get this: you earn 25% in commissions, a 20% discount, a chance to be trained by the best, and learn about how to sell with the best (i got some great training tips a few hours ago). That is all I can say at the moment. I got to get up in a few to go learn some more. I cannot wait to hear Tami speak. Ask me how I love this business.

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