Friday, July 20, 2012

I am slightly changing the format of this blog.

Looking up at the office
Looking up at the office (Photo credit: oomni)

I realize that I am not getting as many people as I like to on this blog.   I appreciate my 9 followers, but I need more.  For over two months now, I have been mainly focusing on Longaberger sales, which is fine, but the majority of my readers may not be here to learn about the sales Longaberger has, nor they may not want to sell Longaberger products.   There is a vast array of organizing and entertaining products out there.  Many of my readers may already have a consultant and why as a consultant would I take them from the person they know and trust.   I will be honest to tell you that I have many buyers out there and I have over 60 fans on my Facebook page, but only 2 people who buy from me on a regular basis.   This is coming from almost 11 years of selling with the company.  I am prone to get distracted.  If I see what another consultant is doing, and if works for them, I want to try it.  Hey, I am only human, and humans make mistakes.  If I do not focus on what my task is for this blog, which is to show you the products through blog posts and pictures, I will not only lose my blog and its audience, but I may lose my contract with Longaberger as well.  They did not tell me this; I am telling me this, with you as my accountability partner.  
So with that confession, I need to move on from here, and not dwell on the past.   I am thinking about revamping how I present my other blogs as well.  Yes, I write more than one blog, but let me focus on this blog for the moment.  The goal for the new selling year is to focus and I have not been doing a very good job at it.  I need to dial it back a notch.  So what are you going to see with this slightly improved blog?
Well, in addition to the sales and recruitment posts you have always gotten from this blog, you will also get decorating, organizing, and entertaining tips and tricks that will hopefully inspire you.  Longaberger is still the focus, but since most people will not have Longaberger products to work with in their home, I will bring in other products from other brands, including the plastic ware you see at Target, Walmart, and even the dollar stores.  Longaberger is not about being exclusive, but inclusive, and they know there are a lot of people who still do not know who they are.  A lot of people still think of them as this big company with lots of expensive baskets and pottery, and that isn’t even a fraction of what the company is all about.  I will bring you posts on that as well.  
So I am still learning and growing on this blog as well as my other blogs.  Even though I have been selling Longaberger since 2001 and blogging since 2009, there are a lot of things I need to learn about.  Did you know I hated to write as a child and I was the one who used get lots of red marks on my papers?   Well now I love to write as you can see by this long post. 
One final point, I want to make, is this blog will never be about affiliate marketing.  I did that because I want you to see the product for what it is, instead of being pressured into buying another product unless you want to.    
Well this is it for this post.  If you have any questions or would like to comment, please do so in the comments section below,  or email me at Have a great weekend, and be blessed.

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