Saturday, July 28, 2012

Longaberger is Coming Home

Longaberger Company Headquarters, Newark, Ohio
Longaberger Company Headquarters, Newark, Ohio (Photo credit: michaelgoodin)
Life sometimes give meaning to a full circle moment.  I have been attending the Bee, Longaberger's convention for consultants, and today was the general session.  During this time, products are introduced and the president and CEO, Tami Longaberger will give her visions for the coming selling season, which started July 1st.  I always look forward to her speeches, because they are very motivational, and if a company does not have a positive message, what is the sense of being in business in the first place.   let me set this up.
Back in 2000, Tami made the decision to have the pottery line made in China.  the reason was it was hard to find someone in the United States to do the quality and quantity of work that Longaberger was used to.  enough said, the line had to be made elsewhere because all the pottery companies closed their doors.  Well today, she announced to us that the pottery will once again be made in the US.   The pottery line is coming home, and I am so excited and proud that Longaberger will once again provide new jobs to a growing economy.  You can read the press release here.   Now, since the transition of moving the making of the pottery did not happen overnight, bringing them back will not happen overnight either.  It will take several years, but they will be made in America once again, making Longaberger a 100% American made.

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