Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do more than Laundry with this basket

Online Exclusive Square Laundry Basket & Protector Set
  • Priced at only $99 for the Basket AND the Protector, you save 55%!
  • It's not just for laundry! It's the perfect size to keep drinks on ice when you tailgate this fall
  • It will soon be time to pull out the blankets and throws – this basket will hold them all!
  • Take this basket from your home to the car and back again…a great way to corral the kids' fall sports equipment
  • Makes a great recycling station.
  • Parents: Corralling toys is a breeze (as well as many other things kids put down).  Tip:  having the little ones helping is a plus.
  • For Flylady friends:  Pick up 25 misplaced items in this basket, and put them in their place.   
  • With the protector, this basket make a great compost starter.
  • Place newspapers in to take to the recycling place.

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