Friday, September 21, 2012

It is Holiday time again

I have so much on my mind, until I forgot to tell you that my business is open for holiday orders as of September 1st, and it will continue until December 15th, 2012.  During this time, if you want ti host an online party, please let me know.  Gifts?  No problem.  Holiday entertaining?  Ditto here.  So far, I have a party that is closing October 3rd under the name of Rhonda Lofton.  Please click on the link if you want to order something through this party.  It will take you straight to my website, and the order will come straight to you home.  I do hope to get more order for her party.  If not, you can just click on the Shop My Shop link at the top of this blog.  So what's available during the last week of September?   Lots.  let's see:

  1. I mentioned in holiday guide a few days ago that the new Christmas Collection Drum Basket set, Holly Bells Napkins and Placemats were on sale this month.  What I failed to mention was the lovely Red Glitter Tree that was available in Small ($20) and Medium ($40).  it makes a wonderful centerpiece for any holiday party.
  2. Both the 9x13 and the 8x8 baking dishes have been redesigned, and now comes with a Tray/Lid (sold separately or as part of a set)
  3. The Woven Traditions Interlocking bowls ($10) are so cute.  Use them as condiment dishes (ketchup, mustard, and mayo), part of a cookie station (filled with jimmies, frosting, or colored sugar), in the summer as part of a sundae bar, use them for your beads while working on beading, brads for scrapbooking and card making.  In a beauty salon, they can hold clips, bobby pins, and beading for braiding.  In the office, they cam hold paperclips, binder clips, and tack pins.  These bowls even work hard in a workshop to hold nails, tacks or staples.
  4. For you coffee lovers, there is always a membership into the coffee club.  each month, you will get 4 bags (your choice of all regular ($30), all decaf ($34), or 3 regular and 1 decaf ($31) )While I am at it, the Woven Traditions Coffee Canister will keep your coffee fresh every time.  You can always send this as a gift to someone or office, and the coffee is 100% Arabica beans.
There is more than what was mentioned here in this post.  To check it out, go to the top of the page and click on the Shop My Shop link.  You can also click on the links in this post, and it will take you straight to the product you want to order.  As always, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email me at  I would be happy to answer any questions about the products and about selling and fundraising opportunities. 

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