Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Longaberger Traveling Cup for only $8

Longaberger Travel Cups — Only $8

I drink lots of warm beverages in the wintertime and I have a wonderful habit when I am cold.  I like to take a cup or mug, full of hot goodness (hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or apple cider), clasp my hands around it, and take little sips.  As I feel that warm drink going down my throat, I imagine myself sitting at the fireplace, with a really, good, juicy novel in hand and my feet up, turning page after page, to see what happens next.  I have done that on several occasions as I hold one of my travel cups in my hand, reading page after page either from a traditional hard or paperback book to a novel on my computer or IPad.  Thank goodness this cup is spill-proof, or I would have to explain to the people at Apple why I keep returning it for repairs.  

However you enjoy your activities, the Travel cup is easy to handle, and it is not just for the car or office.

  • Really, they're only $8! That is better than Buy One, Get One FREE!
  • Stock up on gifts for the holidays.
  • All Woven Traditions® Colors, including fun Sisters™ prints AND Horizon of Hope®
  • And think about filling your Travel Cup with Longaberger Private Reserve Coffee. Join the coffee club and have it shipped straight to your door! Click here to learn more.


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