Saturday, October 13, 2012

Horizon of Hope Luncheon and a new recruit

One of the things I about being a Longaberger consultant is the ability to give back. Yes, I can always do that, but the difference is I am using my commission money on someone than just myself.  Yesterday, I went down to help decorate the Longaberger golf course room where the team would have our annual event.   I have the furthest to drive, but I do not mind it.  It gives me a chance to think and to play music on my radio or Ipad. (I do not have a Cd player, only a cassette tape player.)
Anyway, we were setting up the room, place name tags on bags, stuffing bags, placing tea pots in center and getting the silent auction items in place.  Would you believe we had 5 long tables full of silent auction items.   Different consultants from other direct selling companies donated their stuff, some retired Longaberger products, a couple of gift certificates, and a basket full of Buckeye stuff (Ohio State).  You can read about my donation Here.  After that, some of us stayed to eat dinner (I had the taco salad), and off to our individual homes.
I got up at the crack of dawn, and my mother picked up me and my cousin to go the the Golf course, which is in Nashport, Ohio. I had to be there at 8 am.  People were already coming in for the event, which started out with a Continental breakfast.   There was pink everywhere, and one man stood out. (he was such as trooper).   First we played the purse game.  The object was to see which table can find items in their purse or bag.  The prize was to see who will be the first in line to get our brunch items. My table was next to last.  After eating, the ladies were given the opportunity to look at the items on the silent auction table, buy from a former Cookie Lee Representative, who donated part of her sales total to our total funds raised.  You can also donate to the 50/50 ticket basket (1/2 goes to The American Cancer Society and the other to the person who won for spending money at The Homestead shoppe.  Other donations included buying a chocolate pop (chocolate on a lollipop stick).  Nothing much to tell after that, except one woman spoke what it was like to be a caregiver, and fashion/product show, and the collection of the silent auction prizes.
We all left to either go home or to Homestead to shop.  I went to Homestead to sign up my cousin to be a consultant.   So I am one step closer to being a team lead manger.  I hope all three of people will qualify by the end of the year, then I will have one more to recruit, but I want full team of 6.  All I need is you to complete the picture.  Here is what you get out of this wonderful deal:

Your own free website.  No programming is involved, but you get to personalize it.
50% off for your products for the first 30 days.  After that, you get 20% off for retired products and 25% off for current products.
You have a choice of 4 business kits:  Free (if you are military), $19 (materials only), $49 (Bread basket, 3 packs of coffee, Pizza dough mix, and Woven Traditions mug), and $199 (an item from each of the product lines).
Online tools
The ability to earn incentives such as free product, trips, and cash.
Newsletter services
The ability to use social media
Making new friends that last a lifetime.

Just go to the the link above this page to join me and it will take you straight to that page on my website.  I would love to have you join my team, and work it as much as you want, however you want.

Have a good evening and be blessed everyday.

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