Thursday, October 4, 2012

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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Know the song?  I know, I am getting a little ahead of myself.  This is my favorite time of year.  I have always loved Christmas.  I have more than one reason to love the holiday, and some of the reasons are:

  1. The preparations.  Now is the time to get ready to decorate. Some people pull out all the decorations, test the lights, buy the tree (which are on sale now), prepare to cook.  If you are looking for new decorations, there are a couple in Longaberger's line to set the mood, such as the new Santa hat basket ($79). The 2012 basket tie-on that can be used more than just for baskets.  ($10) 
  2. The parties.  Yes this is the time of year where you can go from party to party, and feel like you never have enough food.  Christmas and new years are two holidays that cannot be missed for when it comes to parties.  If you throw one yourself, you have to make sure there is plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment to go around.  You do not have to go nuts to have a good party, you just have a good party.   The Christmas Collection Drum Baskets ($54 and $74) serves a great purpose for nuts, hold chips, cookies for the kids.  If it is movie night, they hold popcorn and your favorite candies.  The Happy Holidays basket ($10 with a basket purchase; $40 without a basket purchase), holds mints, chocolate kisses, and nuts.  
  3. Christmas Eve.  There are some many things you can do before going to bed before the big day.  There are Santa Mugs and Santa luncheon plate for Santa's milk and cookies; the tie-one double as mistletoe to kiss that special some under.  
  4. Christmas carols:  I love them all ( except Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer-who's sick idea was that).  Anyway, I especially love the ones about the birth of Christ.
  5. Cookies:  Yes I know they are a food item, and I already mentioned food, but nothing beats a plate of cookies to make this sweet tooth of a gal happy.  My mom and me to this day still take a day where we bake cookies for the family.  My sister is the taster and still frowns every time we ask her to stir something.  Each grandchild gets a little bucket of cookies for their own, and for the first time this year, my youngest nephew gets his very own bucket.  I cannot wait to see his face light up.  I take them plain or with milk or coffee.  Speaking of coffee, the Longaberger Coffee club would make a wonderful holiday gift for the coffee drinker in your life.  They will receive 4 bags of coffee per month (your choice of regular, decaf, or a mix of the two).  The price arrange from $30-$34) per month.  The beans are 100% Arabica beans and processed on Longaberger own private reserve spot in Hawaii.  The taste is truly delicious. If you are not sure if you are not sure if they will like the coffee, and I know they will, you can always try the three pack for $11 
I hope this will give you an taste of what I love about this time of the year and why I feel like a child when I think about this holiday.   I also love making holiday cards, which puts a personal touch into the season.  Of course, presents are always nice.
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