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I could not help be to overhear that you are looking for some decorating tips?   Well that may not be you,but have you ever wanted to freshen up your living room?  Put a spin into your office space (it does not have to be in your home)? Curious about where to place a coffee center? Well, so have I.  What I mean is I have things and spaces that are dying to have that special touch of organization too.  First and foremost I represent Longaberger, which has everything that you need to entertain, but I also realize that you have other things that are non-Longaberger product.  When was the last time you decorated?  If you are telling me that it was last year, that is fine, you can still use a little something to make things lively again, but if the last time you decorated was in the 1990's, it is about time pop up a little something to your space.    Obviously, I am not looking at your home, but if you are looking for something to transition into for the holidays, I may be able to help.  Here are some tips that I have heard of over the years that are tried and true to their nature:

*  Get one new piece.  It does not have to be the newest thing from my website.  I often suggest to new customer to me and Longaberger to get something versatile, like a medium Market basket, bread basket, Small or Medium Stowaway Basket, or Small or medium Roundabout Basket.   The reason is you can put just about anything into these baskets, which are considered core baskets.  Some like the Medium Market and Bread baskets have been around since the company got started, and many people love them.   With the medium market basket, I use to take to the library, at the grocery store for small items, it has been a car basket, a basket where I put my common used scrapbooking supplies in, and my mom's basket in my parent's home has been the stuffed toy corral baskets, where grandkids go to get the toys to play with.  They must put them back in the stuffed toy bin when finished. they have never missed a beat except once.  The bread basket has been used as a condiment holder, part of a coffee center, part of a craft center, and so forth.  the newer ones mentioned, like the stowaway  and roundabout baskets are great in the bathroom, kitchen, even for a little gardening.  All it takes for all of them is at at least a protector.

*  Paint.  It is cheap, and you can get more bang for your buck.  Check out the latest color at you local hardware or home center, get a few swatches, and when you get home, stick them to the wall of the room that you are going to paint.  In other words, you see if you can live with the color.  If you can, go back and buy that can of paint.    If you are unsure, get two or three swatches, and place them on different walls.  Choose which one speaks to you.   Do the same with fabric swatches.

* Accent pieces.  Get a pillow or two to match your furniture.  It does not have to be an exact match, just complements your sofa, love seat, chair, or bed.  For bedrooms, everything does not have to match, but they do have things like bed in a bag.  It comes with sheets pillows cases, accent pillows, comforter, shams, curtains, and bed skirt.   If you are fortunate to live by one of the Longaberger at Home Showrooms, there are some bed linen sets that match the decor of the liners.  Just ask.

Well this is it for now.  If you need help with anything, just ask.   Be blessed each and everyday.  

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