Friday, November 16, 2012

A video from the President of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) about the direct selling industry


Every once and a while I like to show people different pieces of information.  This post is about direct selling and the economy.  

Longaberger is more than just a company, it is a direct selling company, and a way of life for people who sell the products.  In case you are just reading this for the first time, direct selling is a company who sells products through the home.  Another way of looking at it is, direct selling Is the sale of a consumer product or service, person to person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through an Independent sales representatives who are sometimes refer to as consultants, distributors, or other titles.  Direct Sellers are not employees of the company, according to Direct selling 411.   They are independent contractors who market and sell the products or services of a company in return for a commission on these sales.  Think of TupperwareMary Kay, Stampin Up and other company where a consultant comes to the home, shows the latest products for customers to buy.  These products can range from chocolates (Dove), toys and educational games (Discovery Toys), Candles (Partylite), baskets (Longaberger), food (Tastefully Simple) and other products sold through these companies. A order is usually placed in person, through the phone, or through a consultant’s website.   In person orders can be placed individually or through a home party or show with family or friend.  This is done by a host, and that host gathers friends and family while the consultant shows the products and how to use them. it takes only a couple of hours and product are usually a sampling of the company’s entire line.
I want to show you a video on how direct selling affects today’s economy from the vice-president and chief marketing officer of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to which Longaberger is a proud member of.  In the video, she explains the many ways that direct selling helps a person earn money, including helping a college student learn valuable skills while going to school and keeping a schedule.  Some people may not like the idea of direct selling, but having the income there has helped me in so many ways.  Anyway, please view this video, and if this helps you make a decision on rather direct selling is right for you, click the link above to join my team, or if you do not want to sell Longaberger, go to the DSA’s website to find other companies like Longaberger. I would love to have you to join my team, but I understand if you want to sell another type of product, or if you think that direct selling is not for you.  All I can do is ask.

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