Thursday, November 8, 2012

My favorite product: Top Hat Snowman-12517

Top Hat Snowman-12517

He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen, and I am getting one.  This is the type of snowman I like.  He doesn't melt and you can keep him out past the holiday season.  when I was working at the Jeffersonville Mall location, Monday, I had a customer who adored this snowman.  She already had a consultant so I could not take credit for her buying one, except talking her into it.  She told me that once she put out her snowmen for the season, she will not put them away until March or April of the next year.  So when she purchases this snowman from her consultant, he will be sitting there with all the other snowmen until March or April of 2013.  How cool is that or what.
So if you love this snowman who is cute enough to make Frosty a little jealous, go to, or  click Shop at My Shop above.  This is a great gift for the snowman collector in your life, and the good news is you will have one present ordered, and it will be at your house in about a week to 10 days.   Keep it up and you do not have to fight the lines on Black Friday.

Pssst, I have a little secret to share....Did you know you can get this snowman at 25% discount off the regular price?  That's right, 25% off.  All you have to do is sign up to become an Independent Home consultant.  That's it.  No inventory and it is just $19 to signup, free if you or your spouse is a member of the Military (US ONLY).  In fact, snowmen are not the only products that you can get at 25% off.  You earn commission too off your friend's orders.  So if you sign up today, turn in an order, plus a discount on your order, you could have money in your pocket by December 1st.   If you are interested, go to or click Join my Team on the top of this blog.

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