Sunday, November 4, 2012

This pot....

How would you like to have this pot for your next big family get together?  I will not tell you what it is, but if you want to know which new product this is you will have to EARN it! I will show you how:

Join my team and sell $750 for both the month of November AND December.   You will get this new product for FREE.  That’s right, FREE.  During that time, you can also earn other products as well, but even I do not know what those products are, because they are monthly incentives for selling.  I have earned some free products myself, including this month’s ornament.  The best part about this is it only takes $19 to become a new Independent home consultant. 
Also as an added bonus, you can earn $50 for every person you sign up to be on your team when they qualify through December 31, 2012.  If you sign up 2, that is $100 and so forth.  There is no limit to how many people you sign up, as long as they qualify as a home consultant.   That is extra money in your pocket you can use for bills, vacation…. anything. 
So what is a qualified consultant?   It is a consultant who sells $1000 with in the first 30 days of being a consultant, but you will be well on your way, because you will be earning that new piece of product I told you about, right.  So if you sell $1000 within 30 days, you will get the new pot to cook delicious one pot meals in for your family, and any other product that is FREE that you earned as well.
So I hope you do not mind earning a little bit of extra cash this holiday season.  Who knows, it may turn out to be a first or second career for you.  All I am asking is that you take a little look.  That’s all, just one tiny look.  You never know unless you try.  Please and thank you.

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