Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Truth about snowmen. A Longaberger Tale

I love a good snowman.  Snowmen are nice, sweet, and go away with the winter's thaw.  Yes, I am obsessing over my little snowman, because he is the cutest little snowman you ever did see, and unlike some men, he is still available, that is until the end of the month.  I know you like him too, because when I looked at my post titled, My favorite Product:  Top Hat Snowman (published 11/8/2012) 41 people looked at him.  Sadly, 41 people did not take him home.  I also gave him an exclusive post titled, Here's to the Snowman (Published 11/20/2012), and still nothing, and 6 people looked the other way.  I am determined to find homes for them.

So, what is it going to take for you to at least think about giving this cute little guy a home?

Well, first off, you can have at least 5 people to order something on your online party and at $30, that total is $150 before tax and shipping and handling .  You can get this cute snowman for 1/2 price.  so that total for online party would be (Tricia is getting out her calculator...) $39.50!

Second, you can put this on your wish list.  The giver of your choosing can come to my website (link above), and order this cute, little snowman.   That person (Psst, your spouse) will win brownie points, and may get something that I dare not mention in case there are people under the age of 20 reading.  The cost to you is $0 (because it would be a nice present from you know who).

Finally, you can get it for 25% off the retail price.  Why?  Because you can join my team, and get a discount of 25% off any current product, 20% for any retired or Longaberger at Home products  (Tricia is taking out the calculator again...)(25% of $79 is...)  $59.25.   click the Join my Team link for further details.

Now for some facts that may convince you into purchasing or joining my team...

The Top Hat Snowman has been selling like hot cakes.  In fact, it has sold 3 times over all the projections Longaberger has seen in a little while.  So for all you snowman collectors and non collectors as well as investors out there, this snowman is one popular dude.   Besides that...his parents were pumpkins.  He is made in the same style as the pumpkins.  The numbers speak for themselves, and I got it from the CEO herself.

Well, I hope I have convinced you to take a second look at the cute, adorable Top Hat Snowman again.  He has something that other snowman does not have...he does not melt, so he is a keeper..

Have a blessed evening..
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