Thursday, January 31, 2013

The most expensive things you will buy next to houses and cars...

...Are your household items. I am not kidding.  The reason behind it is simple, these items are not really needed.  I have seen people on videos who have lived with very little items, and they are very, very happy.  a cup here, a plate there.  they may have a pot or two to warm up the food.  They are not cooking anything too elaborate and yet, they maintaining the carbon footprint they have set for themselves. Again, they are very,very happy living this way.   Last night, I was very convinced of a man, in his mid-50's, who does not pay for a mortgage or utility bills, and stood there, showing off his little piece of land, and telling people how to get a piece of land, build a little house, and pay nothing....except for property tax.  He pays $160 in property tax.  he want to get so that he does not have to pay for that.  He uses solar panels for his electric, and uses propane to heat his house in the winter.  he is very, very happy.
There are a few problems I see with this...first of all, things do wear out.  Most of these people in these videos use plastic bowls and plates.  How it that sustaining your carbon footprint?  I understand the need these people have for not wanting  to accumulate a whole bunch of stuff, but why not get one or two plates and bowls that are made of ceramic and pottery?   Even though, there is now a way to recycle plastic, I am not at all convinced that all plastic today is made of recycled plastic.  To me, it is a marketing ploy to get people to continue to buy plastic.  I am also not convinced that all plastic is biodegradable, either.  Some plastic is still not safe to use with our food.   The jury is still out about metal too, and do not get me started about Teflon  What is safe, to me,  is the pottery Longaberger make for their dishes, plates, mugs, and bowls.
If you are one of those people, who still have a problem about how much stuff a person can  accumulate, I issue a challenge to you:  Change your dinnerware.  It is as simple as that.  If you are a one plate, one cup, one pot person, get rid of at least the plate and cup.  Try a plate and mug from Longaberger.  Just one of each.  use them for 60 days, that's two months.  If you are not satisfied, I will promptly return the money to you, but keep the plate and mug as my gift to you.  I will not ask you to purchase anything else.   If money is an issue, you can put it on layaway.   I do ask for a down payment of $5.  Not counting tax shipping and handling, the total is $40, but to me, it is a well spent $40, and here is why:
*  You can microwave with it.  Not all plastics cannot say that they are microwavable safe.
*  You can use it in the dishwasher.  Some plastics, you either cannot washing them in the dishwasher or they are made for top rack only.
*  Can you freeze your plasticeware?  You can freeze this pottery.
*  The oven is a no-no for plastics.  If you do not have a microwave, to heat up your food, put your plate in an oven at 200 degrees F.  If you are willing to spend a little more, Longaberger has pottery that can be heated up to 350 degrees and 400 degrees, but we will talk about Longaberger's bakeware and Flameware at another time beyond this challenge.
If the $40 price even on layaway still scares you, I may have another solution to the price.  As an Independent Longaberger Home consultant, that $15 mug becomes $11.25, and that $25 plate becomes $18.75.  What's more is you will be earning credit for a Hawaiian vacation next year (2014).
I am not here to get you to totally change the way you have been cooking.  Ok, yes I am, but If you are worried about the way things have been, you do not have to live like a hermit, or go cold turkey on the things you have known all your life.  Making a few small changes in your life, without spending a lot of money all at once, can actually allow you to leave a better carbon footprint than the one you came into.  Longaberger pottery is one of those ways that can help you do that.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pizza party

If you already have one of these cute little plates in Ivory, they are available for ONE day only in ALL 7 COLORS!   mix and match.   If you have an online party, get 7 of your friends to order , and you can pick up a Longaberger Flameware Pizza Stone for half price at $40.  This is perfect if you are having a game night pizza party.   To see how to prepare the perfect pizza, check out the post, How to Have the Perfect Pizza Party on Simply Organized Crafts.  the article explains what make the perfect pizza, and has some recipes for you to try.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cold Winter, Hot Savings on Woven Traditions® Pottery!

  • 5 Items – all priced $6-$15
  • Color selection may vary by style – shop early for the best selection!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why is such a simple little word.  It is also a simply little question that holds no bonds.  It is the first question that a little child ask when they cannot do what they want to or for the answer to why something is made or done a certain way.
I was given a couple of questions on Facebook 5 minutes ago.  It never came on my wall or my inbox.  I visited one of the many groups I belong to.  The first question is "What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?"  The second question is "What do you love about the products you sell?"
To answer the second question first, "What do you love about the products you sell?" I can say without a doubt that my answer is nature, the baskets come from nature.  They are not made of plastic, and for every basket that Longaberger makes, a tree is replaced with another one to grow, and help keep the earth the way it is.    All baskets help in the recycling process, meaning that you do not use a basket once and throw it away, like a plastic bag.  I use most of my baskets, and there are very few baskets in Longaberger's line of baskets I absolutely do not like.  There are some of them, to which the design and color I have to warm up to.  This is reason why I am glad the company introduces a style of baskets first, to the consultants, before introducing them to the public.  I never tell a customer that I hate a basket, pottery, or a gift item because it is a matter of taste.  I have seem the best that Longaberger has made and the not so great in my opinion in the almost 12 years I have been selling Longaberger products.
"What do I like about being in business, an entrepreneur?  Flexibility.  Flexibility comes in two forms for me. The first is my schedule.  It is true that the more hours you spend in business, selling products by advertising, recruiting people for your team, and basically investing time into your business, the more money you can make.  But I can also spend as much time on family, friends, and doing the things I want to make time for just as well.  When I started out in 2001, I was full-time, treating this position like a hobby instead of a business, but not making time for family consultant.   That was OK, except I did not have an outside job.  I was basically losing money instead of making it.  I was living like I had a husband to back my spending habit. That worked fine for a year.  My parents, especially my father begged me to get an outside job, but that did not happened until I graduated from college in 2003.  When I got one, I went part-time.  In 2010, I went back to full-time, but I also have another business as well, and left the job, because it was not working out.  so I am glad that I can be that flexible as a consultant.  Flexible is also the kind of money I want to make as a consultant, and I already explained how when I talked about my schedule.  the two go hand and hand.
So now my question for you is, "If I can show you a way to earn extra money if you need it, could you take it?  Why?   This is something you have to ask and answer for yourself, I cannot answer that for you.  That is all I am asking you for today.  Think about it, and have a blessed evening.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tip day: Burning Calories and the Medium Market Basket.

Did you know:

Baskets help create a healthy life style, and here how:

When shopping, grab a basket instead of a trolley or a cart.  You will burn up 100 extra calories for 30 mins.    you may spend less, because you will less able to grab extra item you really do not need.   I got this tip from one of the consultants on a group I follow on Facebook, called The Longaberger WEave and Believe Branch and Friends group.  
This leads to my favorite basket, the Medium Market basket.  This is one of the most versatile baskets that Longaberger has ever created.  The reason is you can take that the basket to the store, which is the same size as a traditional grocery basket, place your items in the basket, and take it to the checkout counter. That is one more grocery basket that is available for the public, it is has less germs, meaning everyone and his/her brother has not sneezed on it, and it is yours to keep.   

Savin' O' The Green

  • Get OUR favorite Basket in YOUR favorite color – 9 different color choices available!
  • One day only to save up to $20 on the Medium Market Basket.
  • The beautiful colors coordinate perfectly with Woven Traditions® Pottery and Longaberger Flameware™. Be sure to check out our January Special Order Pottery Event!
  • Both items are made in Ohio by our talented Basketmakers and WoodCrafts experts – our commitment to you to keep jobs right here in America.

Tricia Logan

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Longaberger at home Napa Orchard 30% Off Sale

  • Prices as low as $8.
  • The colors on these pieces will brighten up your table, even during the gray winter months.
  • All pieces are high quality stoneware, making them microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Coordinates with Woven Traditions Pottery. Be sure to check out our January Special Order Pottery Event!

Tricia Logan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Did you know that January is organization month?   It is true, and it is time to get everything in order. Do not confuse this with spring cleaning although you can organize during the months in the springtime.  January is also one of the cabin fever months.  People here in the Northern and Eastern states, starting with Chicago, IL to New York, NY, and back around to Colorado are a mix bunch of people.  There are  some like me who do not go out until we have to, while there are still others who can live in the snow and ice.  I call them polar bears and penguins, because just like those animals, they live for this type of weather.  Give them a ski slope and you may not them until the snow melts.  I rather hibernate. Well back to the art of organizing.
One tip:  after weeding up the things you may want to give away, donate, or toss out with the today's trash, put like items together.  One reason for doing this is so you do not have to go on a treasure hunt.   a treasure hunt is when you find a pot, but have to look for a lid.  A treasure hunt is when you have one sock and have to look for the other one.   Finally, a treasure hunt is when you sit down to look at the television and have to hunt for the remote.   See where I am getting at?
Longaberger has all kinds of baskets to help you organize, and if you are like me, you will need a lot of baskets to help conceal a lot of items. When you visit my website, do not let the name of the basket fool you.  Many of the baskets can pull double or even triple duty, the Sort and Store series, which goes into retirement at the end of next month.  

The Desktop Basket has been around at different times in Longaberger's history.  I first saw it in 2004, and it has been redesigned twice.Some of the items you can use it for besides the task of being in the office.   Try organizing small packs of soup ans gravy mixes in the pantry.  Tea bags, hot chocolate and coffee bags, pods, an k-cups, as well as filters make it a nice coffee center.  In the craft room, it can hold packets of embellishments, glues, patterns, and scrapbook paper for starters.  Without the dividers, it has tons of real estate for toiletries and other bathroom items, bottles of perfume for the bedroom, and table toys for the play room.
The extra small rectangle basket is great for reading glasses, paper clips and other small office items, loose change, cotton swabs, a sewing kit, snack box as you are sitting at the computer, and small rubber stamps and other tiny object for the craft room.  it is fun and cute, as well as practicable. 

the Large rectangle basket is perfect for the closet.  Arrange onsies and diapers for the small ones, as well as their favorite small toys.   put one each by the the entry way for individual keys briefcase, backpack, homework center, Ipads, tablets, laptops, or keys.  use in the mudroom/ laundry area for a "lost and find its spot" basket.  Holds boxes of cereal, and small keepsakes box.
The small Rectangle basket and the Tv Time Basket may be smaller than the Desktop and the large rectangle baskets, but they hold a lot for their size.  For  today only, all these baskets you see in this post are on sale, and this is the last time they will be on sale before retiring at the end of next month.
so if you are looking for something to help you contain your closet, shelving, or room, They are worth the value and the money today for your stuff,  before the stuff takes over  Click on the SHOP MY SHOP link above..
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Shop Longaberger at home TODAY ONLY for Fabric Bin Dividers. Three sizes in several fabric selections. Mix and match for easy and fun organization. Only $8, $10 and $12!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Smart tips to save money on home design

One of the hard facts about possessing a house is that you may not always have enough funds for home designing. There are lots of ways to cut corners and at the same time you can get great decorating ideas for your house. Here are a few tips to decorate your home on a budget:
Prefer locally furniture and decorations: Most of the artisans, woodworkers, furniture makers create stylish furniture’s, local pieces and one of the benefits is that you need not ship for hundreds of kilometres. One thing to know about home décor option is that it has become more widespread irrespective of budget. It may be dining room or fruit bowl know the local artist creativity and you can provide them with designs of particular furniture.
Paint: Painting is a low-cost investment, but if it is not planned properly then it may exceed your budget. It is better to plan before you start, identify the areas which you want to decorate and paint. To save you can also go head and paint the colours on walls for fresh and new look.
Do it yourself: The principal budget is spent in the workforce, which can be managed by yourself sometimes. Plan at least some areas which you can manage such as small paint works, installing a new floor, tiling, and throw pillows or sewing curtains. Do whatever you feel like taking up.
Take help from family members and friends: Though you may not have enough knowledge of home decorating, you can take help of family members and friends for improving your house. Ask people who have experience in decorating and interior designing to help you with the renovations. Discuss your ideas with them and take their suggestions.
Shop for second hand items: You can get used items at consignment shops, thrift stores, church rummage sales, estate sales, online auction sites as they offer many discounts. Look for furniture with good construction and paint. This way, you can save money and at times might end-up with valuable furniture.
Make use of free resources: There are many sources where you can get free ideas for decorating such as internet, magazines, garden programs etc. Purchase some of the magazines and home decorating books to make yourself comfortable and you can also come to know about different tastes. Visit home décor stores, collect sample materials, paints and start with what actually inspires. First know what is your personal style and depending upon your taste you can collect materials, decorating items and start planning. You can search online for better deals on sites such as Backpages, Craigslist and also some other online classifieds which are great resources.
Use light to highlight interior: Walls with good focus lights can give an attractive appearance to your living rooms. Make use of accent lighting and simple lights, which give visual appeal to rooms and some areas of your home. You can create space with appropriate lighting. Hence this is a major factor which cannot be missed.
About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Leo, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Apart from blogging, she does research on PPI Claims. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Problems, Who needs them?

Last week, I wrote a post titled, Have Holiday Bills?  Love to Shop?  See me.   I received 162 views for this post.  Then two days ago, I posted, Can you use an Extra $250 a month? If so, Ask me how.   Not as many viewers for this post, only two, but still, they were viewers.  There is this really, great, company that I rep for.  The products are made right here in the USA, with more to come.  If you have been following my blog over that past few months, not only do I bring great sales, but these sales has allow me to be able to take care of the important, and the not so important things in my life while earning a commission.   For one $1,000 party (rather it is online or in a person's home), I can (and have earned) an extra $250 per month.  So, when I tell you that you can earn up to $250+ a month, I mean it.  There are no gimmicks, it is direct selling at its finest.
The company's name is Longaberger, and if you are not familiar with the company, let me tell a little bit about them.  First of all, the company is known to have a 7-story Basket building for a Home Office, located about  52 miles East of Columbus, Ohio in Newark, Ohio. Longaberger was founded in 1973 by Dave Longaberger, who passed away in 1997.  His daughters Tami Longaberger and Rachel Longaberger Stukey now run the company.  January 1, 2013 is the start of Longaberger's 40th anniversary.

The Longaberger Company (or TLC) makes baskets, pottery, wrought iron, comfort foods, totes, purses, and accessories for these products, such as basket protectors and liners for the baskets.  To see a full line of what Longaberger makes, please visit my website at the top of this blog, click on the link, Shop at My Shop.  
For any of the current products, except Wednesday specials, a consultant can make 25% commission through home parties (parties where you have a host and guest and show products to them), Online parties, and through your website (which you do get free).   Wednesday specials, like the one I had yesterday for the Honey Pot, you earn 20% commission, as well as any Longaberger At Home showroom and the online showroom website.  As for yourself, you will receive a discount on any of the current items at 25% and Longaberger at Home products at 20%.  If I am confusing you, I can clarify it, if you decide to become a consultant.  This is just the beginning.   You can earn incentives, such as trips, cash for recruiting, and free product.  Now how does that sound to you?   The best news of all is this is not a full-time job, it is not a part-time job, nor it is a fuel your hobby job.  Like I said in the beginning of this post, being a consultant for Longaberger can help with bills, earn money for vacations, down payment on a car or a house, a new computer, or even to help put away money for your child's education.  It can also be a career, both full time or part-time., but it is your business with one exception:  You do not have deal with all the headaches of starting a business.  Longaberger takes care of that for you.  You do need to sell at least $1,000 in orders by your anniversary date (mine is October 8, and I already have sold past the requirement amount in November 2012 for my 12 anniversary year).

I know there is a lot to take in, and I probably have overwhelmed you by now.   You can contact me by emailing my at or text me at   You may also call me at 614-236-4970.  You also look under the "Join My Team" link art the top of the page.  This month, there is a special on the business kit that normally sells for $199.  You can get it for $40. Sell $1,000 in 30 days, and you owe nothing else on your kit.  Other kits are $49 (a smaller kit), $19 (with paperwork and coffee), and $0 (If you are military (active duty, retired, reserve, or spouse of a military person).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if you feel that this is not for you, I also take referrals as well.  Be Blessed.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Honey of an Online Line Special..

Can you use an $250+ a month?    If so, Ask Me How.   You can contact me at 614-236-4970 or 614-266-1581 (text and talk); (973)813-4023 (text only), or email me at or  You may also contact me Via Twitter @tricia721 or my wall at or

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can you use an $250+ a month?    If so, Ask Me How.   You can contact me at 614-236-4970 or 614-266-1581 (text and talk); (973)813-4023 (text only), or email me at or  You may also contact me Via Twitter @tricia721 or my wall at or

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just a reminder: Last day

Have Holiday Bills? Love to shop? See Me

Oh the holidays are fun.  They are festive.   They are expensive.   I love a good sale, really I do, but good sales add up, and when you use a credit card, a $10 item become $30 by the time the interest gets added to it.  By then, you wonder if it worth it to shop online, but I am here with a solution to your worries.   Here's how.
I have an opportunity that will put money in your pocket, and help pay off your bills.  If bills are not a problem, put the money towards a vacation, a new car, making repairs, or starting a college fund for yourself or your children.  In fact, some college students use their earned commission checks as a way to pay for expenses that they would normally ask their parents for.  It  helps instill a bit a responsibility on their part, and it teaches them business skills that will be carried over into their next job.   I love it, and I am sure you will too.  Want to know what it is?   I will explain it just a moment, so keep reading...
With this business opportunity, you will get the following:

  • Training-you will learn from your own personal trainer, who will guide you every step of the way during your first months.  There is also a annual training section complete with a chance to learn about new products coming it.
  • Your own website, already to go, free of charge.
  • Monthly incentives for a job well done, you deserve it.  This includes an incentive trip and free products.  
  • You get to work this business opportunity when you want, and how you want.  Full-time, Part-time, Flex-time.

Become an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant and you will gain this, plus new friendships that will last a lifetime.    Business Kits start at $0 for Military, $19-Business materials and coffee pack; $49 and $199 -Business materials and products.   Click the link above to Join my team.  The application is simply to complete.  Read it, and choose which kit you would like to get, fill out the information, pay with a credit card, and hit send.  That's it.  It takes 5 minutes to fill out.
Any questions?  Simply email me at, or call me at 614-236-4970 or 614-266-1581.

Note:  Starting today, January 1, 2013, in honor of Longaberger's 40th Anniversary, anyone who signs up to become a Home Consultant, and chooses the $199 business will pay only $40.   When you sell $1000 within you first 30 days, you do not owe anything else.
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