Friday, January 11, 2013

Smart tips to save money on home design

One of the hard facts about possessing a house is that you may not always have enough funds for home designing. There are lots of ways to cut corners and at the same time you can get great decorating ideas for your house. Here are a few tips to decorate your home on a budget:
Prefer locally furniture and decorations: Most of the artisans, woodworkers, furniture makers create stylish furniture’s, local pieces and one of the benefits is that you need not ship for hundreds of kilometres. One thing to know about home décor option is that it has become more widespread irrespective of budget. It may be dining room or fruit bowl know the local artist creativity and you can provide them with designs of particular furniture.
Paint: Painting is a low-cost investment, but if it is not planned properly then it may exceed your budget. It is better to plan before you start, identify the areas which you want to decorate and paint. To save you can also go head and paint the colours on walls for fresh and new look.
Do it yourself: The principal budget is spent in the workforce, which can be managed by yourself sometimes. Plan at least some areas which you can manage such as small paint works, installing a new floor, tiling, and throw pillows or sewing curtains. Do whatever you feel like taking up.
Take help from family members and friends: Though you may not have enough knowledge of home decorating, you can take help of family members and friends for improving your house. Ask people who have experience in decorating and interior designing to help you with the renovations. Discuss your ideas with them and take their suggestions.
Shop for second hand items: You can get used items at consignment shops, thrift stores, church rummage sales, estate sales, online auction sites as they offer many discounts. Look for furniture with good construction and paint. This way, you can save money and at times might end-up with valuable furniture.
Make use of free resources: There are many sources where you can get free ideas for decorating such as internet, magazines, garden programs etc. Purchase some of the magazines and home decorating books to make yourself comfortable and you can also come to know about different tastes. Visit home décor stores, collect sample materials, paints and start with what actually inspires. First know what is your personal style and depending upon your taste you can collect materials, decorating items and start planning. You can search online for better deals on sites such as Backpages, Craigslist and also some other online classifieds which are great resources.
Use light to highlight interior: Walls with good focus lights can give an attractive appearance to your living rooms. Make use of accent lighting and simple lights, which give visual appeal to rooms and some areas of your home. You can create space with appropriate lighting. Hence this is a major factor which cannot be missed.
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