Thursday, January 31, 2013

The most expensive things you will buy next to houses and cars...

...Are your household items. I am not kidding.  The reason behind it is simple, these items are not really needed.  I have seen people on videos who have lived with very little items, and they are very, very happy.  a cup here, a plate there.  they may have a pot or two to warm up the food.  They are not cooking anything too elaborate and yet, they maintaining the carbon footprint they have set for themselves. Again, they are very,very happy living this way.   Last night, I was very convinced of a man, in his mid-50's, who does not pay for a mortgage or utility bills, and stood there, showing off his little piece of land, and telling people how to get a piece of land, build a little house, and pay nothing....except for property tax.  He pays $160 in property tax.  he want to get so that he does not have to pay for that.  He uses solar panels for his electric, and uses propane to heat his house in the winter.  he is very, very happy.
There are a few problems I see with this...first of all, things do wear out.  Most of these people in these videos use plastic bowls and plates.  How it that sustaining your carbon footprint?  I understand the need these people have for not wanting  to accumulate a whole bunch of stuff, but why not get one or two plates and bowls that are made of ceramic and pottery?   Even though, there is now a way to recycle plastic, I am not at all convinced that all plastic today is made of recycled plastic.  To me, it is a marketing ploy to get people to continue to buy plastic.  I am also not convinced that all plastic is biodegradable, either.  Some plastic is still not safe to use with our food.   The jury is still out about metal too, and do not get me started about Teflon  What is safe, to me,  is the pottery Longaberger make for their dishes, plates, mugs, and bowls.
If you are one of those people, who still have a problem about how much stuff a person can  accumulate, I issue a challenge to you:  Change your dinnerware.  It is as simple as that.  If you are a one plate, one cup, one pot person, get rid of at least the plate and cup.  Try a plate and mug from Longaberger.  Just one of each.  use them for 60 days, that's two months.  If you are not satisfied, I will promptly return the money to you, but keep the plate and mug as my gift to you.  I will not ask you to purchase anything else.   If money is an issue, you can put it on layaway.   I do ask for a down payment of $5.  Not counting tax shipping and handling, the total is $40, but to me, it is a well spent $40, and here is why:
*  You can microwave with it.  Not all plastics cannot say that they are microwavable safe.
*  You can use it in the dishwasher.  Some plastics, you either cannot washing them in the dishwasher or they are made for top rack only.
*  Can you freeze your plasticeware?  You can freeze this pottery.
*  The oven is a no-no for plastics.  If you do not have a microwave, to heat up your food, put your plate in an oven at 200 degrees F.  If you are willing to spend a little more, Longaberger has pottery that can be heated up to 350 degrees and 400 degrees, but we will talk about Longaberger's bakeware and Flameware at another time beyond this challenge.
If the $40 price even on layaway still scares you, I may have another solution to the price.  As an Independent Longaberger Home consultant, that $15 mug becomes $11.25, and that $25 plate becomes $18.75.  What's more is you will be earning credit for a Hawaiian vacation next year (2014).
I am not here to get you to totally change the way you have been cooking.  Ok, yes I am, but If you are worried about the way things have been, you do not have to live like a hermit, or go cold turkey on the things you have known all your life.  Making a few small changes in your life, without spending a lot of money all at once, can actually allow you to leave a better carbon footprint than the one you came into.  Longaberger pottery is one of those ways that can help you do that.
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