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Did you know that January is organization month?   It is true, and it is time to get everything in order. Do not confuse this with spring cleaning although you can organize during the months in the springtime.  January is also one of the cabin fever months.  People here in the Northern and Eastern states, starting with Chicago, IL to New York, NY, and back around to Colorado are a mix bunch of people.  There are  some like me who do not go out until we have to, while there are still others who can live in the snow and ice.  I call them polar bears and penguins, because just like those animals, they live for this type of weather.  Give them a ski slope and you may not them until the snow melts.  I rather hibernate. Well back to the art of organizing.
One tip:  after weeding up the things you may want to give away, donate, or toss out with the today's trash, put like items together.  One reason for doing this is so you do not have to go on a treasure hunt.   a treasure hunt is when you find a pot, but have to look for a lid.  A treasure hunt is when you have one sock and have to look for the other one.   Finally, a treasure hunt is when you sit down to look at the television and have to hunt for the remote.   See where I am getting at?
Longaberger has all kinds of baskets to help you organize, and if you are like me, you will need a lot of baskets to help conceal a lot of items. When you visit my website, do not let the name of the basket fool you.  Many of the baskets can pull double or even triple duty, the Sort and Store series, which goes into retirement at the end of next month.  

The Desktop Basket has been around at different times in Longaberger's history.  I first saw it in 2004, and it has been redesigned twice.Some of the items you can use it for besides the task of being in the office.   Try organizing small packs of soup ans gravy mixes in the pantry.  Tea bags, hot chocolate and coffee bags, pods, an k-cups, as well as filters make it a nice coffee center.  In the craft room, it can hold packets of embellishments, glues, patterns, and scrapbook paper for starters.  Without the dividers, it has tons of real estate for toiletries and other bathroom items, bottles of perfume for the bedroom, and table toys for the play room.
The extra small rectangle basket is great for reading glasses, paper clips and other small office items, loose change, cotton swabs, a sewing kit, snack box as you are sitting at the computer, and small rubber stamps and other tiny object for the craft room.  it is fun and cute, as well as practicable. 

the Large rectangle basket is perfect for the closet.  Arrange onsies and diapers for the small ones, as well as their favorite small toys.   put one each by the the entry way for individual keys briefcase, backpack, homework center, Ipads, tablets, laptops, or keys.  use in the mudroom/ laundry area for a "lost and find its spot" basket.  Holds boxes of cereal, and small keepsakes box.
The small Rectangle basket and the Tv Time Basket may be smaller than the Desktop and the large rectangle baskets, but they hold a lot for their size.  For  today only, all these baskets you see in this post are on sale, and this is the last time they will be on sale before retiring at the end of next month.
so if you are looking for something to help you contain your closet, shelving, or room, They are worth the value and the money today for your stuff,  before the stuff takes over  Click on the SHOP MY SHOP link above..
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