Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tip day: Burning Calories and the Medium Market Basket.

Did you know:

Baskets help create a healthy life style, and here how:

When shopping, grab a basket instead of a trolley or a cart.  You will burn up 100 extra calories for 30 mins.    you may spend less, because you will less able to grab extra item you really do not need.   I got this tip from one of the consultants on a group I follow on Facebook, called The Longaberger WEave and Believe Branch and Friends group.  
This leads to my favorite basket, the Medium Market basket.  This is one of the most versatile baskets that Longaberger has ever created.  The reason is you can take that the basket to the store, which is the same size as a traditional grocery basket, place your items in the basket, and take it to the checkout counter. That is one more grocery basket that is available for the public, it is has less germs, meaning everyone and his/her brother has not sneezed on it, and it is yours to keep.   

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