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Why is such a simple little word.  It is also a simply little question that holds no bonds.  It is the first question that a little child ask when they cannot do what they want to or for the answer to why something is made or done a certain way.
I was given a couple of questions on Facebook 5 minutes ago.  It never came on my wall or my inbox.  I visited one of the many groups I belong to.  The first question is "What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?"  The second question is "What do you love about the products you sell?"
To answer the second question first, "What do you love about the products you sell?" I can say without a doubt that my answer is nature, the baskets come from nature.  They are not made of plastic, and for every basket that Longaberger makes, a tree is replaced with another one to grow, and help keep the earth the way it is.    All baskets help in the recycling process, meaning that you do not use a basket once and throw it away, like a plastic bag.  I use most of my baskets, and there are very few baskets in Longaberger's line of baskets I absolutely do not like.  There are some of them, to which the design and color I have to warm up to.  This is reason why I am glad the company introduces a style of baskets first, to the consultants, before introducing them to the public.  I never tell a customer that I hate a basket, pottery, or a gift item because it is a matter of taste.  I have seem the best that Longaberger has made and the not so great in my opinion in the almost 12 years I have been selling Longaberger products.
"What do I like about being in business, an entrepreneur?  Flexibility.  Flexibility comes in two forms for me. The first is my schedule.  It is true that the more hours you spend in business, selling products by advertising, recruiting people for your team, and basically investing time into your business, the more money you can make.  But I can also spend as much time on family, friends, and doing the things I want to make time for just as well.  When I started out in 2001, I was full-time, treating this position like a hobby instead of a business, but not making time for family consultant.   That was OK, except I did not have an outside job.  I was basically losing money instead of making it.  I was living like I had a husband to back my spending habit. That worked fine for a year.  My parents, especially my father begged me to get an outside job, but that did not happened until I graduated from college in 2003.  When I got one, I went part-time.  In 2010, I went back to full-time, but I also have another business as well, and left the job, because it was not working out.  so I am glad that I can be that flexible as a consultant.  Flexible is also the kind of money I want to make as a consultant, and I already explained how when I talked about my schedule.  the two go hand and hand.
So now my question for you is, "If I can show you a way to earn extra money if you need it, could you take it?  Why?   This is something you have to ask and answer for yourself, I cannot answer that for you.  That is all I am asking you for today.  Think about it, and have a blessed evening.
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