Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's do Hamper Math with Your Host, Professor Tricia Logan

Hello, the Wednesday's Special for today needs no introduction, especially if you are in the mood to organize.  The hamper basket and the Tall tissue basket is today's special and they do more than just hold your smelliest clothes or hold tissues for your dirtiest nose. Come and  "size up" these ideas which can be applied in your home or office:
The hamper basket can be a toy bin, compost holder (when you have a protector added in), mulch holder, and remember Mike Brady?  He could used a hamper to hold some of his blueprints both at home and at work.  This would have made Alice's job a lot easier, and Mr. Phillips beaming with pride.  OK, I am dating myself, so let's move on...
The tissue basket can hold cotton balls, Post-a Notes, napkins, small office supplies, diaper wipes, hair accessories, small craft items, sewing notions, pens and markers (without the lid), rubber bands, straws, and other items too many to count.   So how can you get one or both of these baskets in your hands, let's do the math...

BIG Basket Savings – February 27
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