Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Helpers: Today's special

Are these cute?
I have a thing for little helpers.  What you are looking at are the Woven Traditions Ramekins without the lid and the Woven Traditions  Condiment without a lid. To be honest, I was not sure what to do with my ramekins I received a few weeks ago, until I saw a video of a cook  on YouTube.   She had this salt jar, which looked pretty much like the ramekin, except the lid was attached.  Now I do not need the lid to be attached to the ramekin while I am cooking, because I am a messy cook, and the last thing I need, as I dreaming of culinary delights, is to have a gunky lid.  Knowing me, you will still see the spaghetti sauce I made two weeks ago on it.  (No, I am not that bad).

Anyway, these "little helpers are just too cute to pass up, and I will tell you why.

For instance, you can do this:

Start a garden.
Spring is coming, and before you know it, gardens will be sprouting up everywhere.  Help your garden by starting the seeds out in  these little beauties.  Once they grow to the proper size, hopefully by April or May, you can replant them into their permanent home.  If you do not have a place to put them, why not get a plant that does not need much room to grow.  This make a great office plant or a gift to help cheer a person up, or to get for that person's birthday if they are a gardener.  Sit several around the house, then when they are ready, transplant them to a Veranda Basket, which comes in several sizes.

How about this idea:

Need something to put small items in.  I see in the bathroom, cotton balls in the ramekin, Q-tips in the condiment cup, or if you are the single occupant in the bathroom, get two condiment crocks, put your tooth brush in one, use the other for your rinsing/mouthwash cup.  make sure you wash them everyday for germ control.

If you are a crafter or painter, use ramekins to hold buttons, brads, small sewing needles, and if you like to melt items, why not use them in the microwave, but make sure that the item you are melting is safe for the microwave. The condiment jar can hold crochet hooks, tapestry needles, knitting needles, latch hooks, paint brushes, as well as a water holder.

Finally how about these kitchen ideas:
Coffee center:  If you are part of the coffee club (and I highly recommend you do if you are a daily coffee drinker.  the lids keep the coffee nice and fresh.  Non-dairy creamer can go into the condiment crock, and you can brew your own special cup without paying those high prices.

Make cute little tarts in the ramekins for your guests when you have a girls night in.  How about a sundae bar.  I know I keep making this suggestion, but nothing worst then have this or and type of a make your own station. You cannot find a small container, or rely on a larger container to hold condiments, sugars, salts, or you if you have a tiny bit of leftovers the food fits perfectly inside, and you have lunch for the next day.
Have you ever heard of Bento boxes?  If you have not, this is the Japanese version of a lunchbox.   What you find in a Bento box are small portions of meat, fish, pickled or cooked vegetable.  Now how could this be to your advantage?  If you are doing portion control, the ramekin can be the perfect bento box companion.  Make your own since you do not live in Japan.   Just make sure you do have a something to hold it in place if you are carrying it to work.

Make things child-like.  Nothing makes a child feel grown-up like their own little cup and bowl.   pour juice or milk in the condiment crock, and their favorite snack inside the ramekin.  It's kid size, and make sure they know it is not plastic.

Well these are some ideas you can do with today's special, the WT Ramekin and the WT Condiment Crock.    They are little helpers if this does not strike you, the price will.

Next week starts the new Spring/Summer catalog.  There are also two of the item available today as well.

Have a blessed day.

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