Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Truth about Consultants.....A followup

This is another truth that I want to spill about Longaberger Home Consultants....

We really and truly enjoy doing this for a living, or just something that bring us joy and money.   We light up every time we see a new product, receive good news for the company, or when we receive a new recruit on our teams.   When we receive a new recruit, it not only helps us grow our business, but now we get to show that person how to grow their business.  It is wonderful feeling to see a recruit shine and prosper with each new sell and every new recruit they receive.   The incentives and the benefits are great too.

So, If you have a passion for the product, which means you have lots of products, and need a little extra cash, contact me or click on "Opportunities" above, and have fun with your new journey.
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