Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get Creative...With Longaberger At Home

When I post on this blog, you see me as an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.  Well, I am more than the person you hear from on a weekly, sometimes daily bases (after 3 years, I am still trying to find my way).  I am also a crafter, particularly in paper crafts, such as scrapbooking, greeting cards, and altered products (No, I will never alter something from Longaberger-some things are best left untouched ).  when I saw today's Longaberger special, I was overwhelmed with happiness.  Why?  Because there are creative ways to display Longaberger products, especially the pieces that were meant to accent your home
You have heard of the expression, "Think outside of the box.", well that is what I want you to do when it it time  to decorating your home.    Take a look at this picture below.  It is all about arranging items to make a statement.   You do not have to paint an area behind this wall art to bring out the boldness of it.   Another example is the baskets.   Use them according to the way you feel, and one Idea is to take floral form and place it at the bottom of the protector.   Next take flowers, stick them in floral arrangement, add a bow, and you have an instant bouquet.  So take a look at today's special with Longaberger at Home.
  • Hammered Metal Squares and Arches can be beautifully arranged in any room – and they’re 50% off!
  • Get creative! Add colored paper or wall paper behind them and some favorite snapshots on top to create your own look.
  • Showroom Weekend Sale March 28 through April 1 – in stores and online! 25% off acrylic cups, 25% off Sisters travel cups and 25% off all Easter

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