Friday, June 7, 2013

Play with your pottery and have fun decorating: Woven Traditions Pottery

Decorating can be fun, even if you are on a budget.  Experts say the easiest things to in the home are paint, and your accessories.   While paint is the cheapest, your pottery can be the most a person can have.   Just think of it.   If you have white walls, you are not limited to colors and pallet choices.  Sometimes that can be a little overwhelming for some people as well.
In June, there is a pottery sale going on at Longaberger.  So what does this have to do with article?  Plenty,especially if you are thinking about changing your colors.  Remember, pottery is one of those accessories that can be easily changed.  Woven Traditions pottery comes in a variety of colors: Paprika (Red), Butternut (Yellow), Cornflower (Blue), Sage (Light Green), Ivory, Chocolate (Brown), and Ebony (Black).  Throw in the retired colors that you can now find at Longaberger at Home: Spice (Orange), Ivy (Dark Green), and Eggplant (purple), and you will have fun playing with your plates, cups, and bakeware. (Longaberger traditionalists: I have not forgotten about the pottery with the heritage colors in them, you can use them too.)
Pottery sale:  June 1-30
So, have fun mixing and matching your accessories.  Be aware that ivory, Ebony, and Chocolate are your neutral colors, and can easily be blended into your existing decor, your current pottery, or have the ability to come up with something new and different.
People always ask, what do you do with the old pottery pieces?  Simple....have a garage sale.  You will make plenty of money to save towards a vacation or other things.    Have fun with decorating and have a blessed day.

P.S:  Many of the pieces are at 20% this month and you save more if you are a host at a home, catalog, or online party. See the next post find out what you can get for being a host, or go to this link to find out about the benefits of hosting your own party.

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