Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ripe for the Picking.

Name the one fruit that cool, refreshing, and one of my favorite summertime fruits?   If you guessed watermelon, you win.  I love it when it is sweet, and seedless (I can hear the naysayers about the seedless kind)  it is not the same, and yes there is a variety of watermelon that is grown without the seeds.
Now what does that have to do with Longaberger?   Nothing, except they choice one of my favorite fruits the be the center attraction as a basket.   How cool is that or what?   The picture does not do the basket justice in this case, but look at it.  two colors of green splints on the outside, red splints on the inside, with an added surprise on them.  Burn spots representing the "seeds".   If you want a signature, talked about basket for the summer, this basket can start a conversation at you next get together.   An added feature is this glass bowl, which has been a featured add-on "protector" in previous Longaberger products, but here, you can place your summer salads, fruits, and even a small truffle would look nice in here.
Yes, this Watermelon Bowl is ripe for the picking, so pick one up today, and enjoy.
  • What a tasty addition to your summer entertaining collection!
  • The watermelon burn inside the Watermelon version is just too cute!
  • Perfect for the patio, picnics and more
  • Large glass bowl inside allows you to serve all your summer favorites - including watermelon
  • Also available in Warm, Rich and Black

P. S.  June is packed with a pottery sale.   Lots of pottery to see, including the new Welcome Home Pottery, which brought jobs back to America, starting with the Grand Opening of the newest factory in Buffalo, NY last Monday.

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