Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last minute gifts?

Tomorrow is the last day to get Horizon of hope products and the special featuring The Made in America Woven Traditions pottery. When you purchase a Horizon of Hope product, $2 goes toward Breast Cancer research and it is help many women get the treatment they need to fight this disease and to one day have a cure.   The Ware Basket is a basket modeled after the basket that potters used to carry the pottery to be fired and after the firing process.  This "gift" of a basket was given to us through the Longaberger National Convention as a way to welcome the Made in America Woven Traditions pottery back to the U.S.  The Ware basket is $69 when you purchase a Made in America pottery piece.  There are pie plate (both 6" and 9"-with or without lids) two casserole bowls and a footed bowl.   Email, message me on my Facebook Page, or place your order at:  http://tinyurl.com/mpsebr9.

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