Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift basket Idea #1: For the coffee lover….

Photo by The Longaberger
I love coffee.   I need something to wake me up and the smell is intoxicating.  When Longaberger first introduced the Coffee Club last year, I was excited, so excited that I put it in every post I created last year.   The coffee sales were wonderful.   But, you do not need to hear that.   I need to tell about how the coffee tastes, which is fantastic, and I am not just saying that, because I am a consultant, I am saying that because I have tasted the coffee, and I know that the coffee does not come from Columbia like most coffees.  It comes from Hawaii. It is 100% Arabica beans.   That may not mean much to you, but for me that is excellent coffee. 
But any, enough about the coffee beans.   Here is what is available for the coffee drinker this season….

  1. Basket #1-small:  Coffee bundle:  1 stainless steel mug (your choice of colors), 3-pack of coffee (reg, decaf, or flavored)-$28.00
  2. Basket #2-Medium:  1 mug, 1 3-pack coffee (your choice of flavors), small entertaining basket, small lidded protector-$104.00
  3. Basket #3-large:   Small Stow Away Basket (Your choice of stains), Protector, 2 mugs, 3-pack of regular coffee, and a 3-pack of decaf coffee

Or you can come up a host of combinations to choice from.

Variations on a theme:

I just showed you just an example of gift ideas for the Coffee lover, but what if you gift exchange person does not like coffee.   No problem, read on….
Longaberger has other food products which will satisfy the following food lovers:
  • The salsa lover:  I will provide the salsa and South of the Border Mix, you just add the chips and guac (guacamole). Extra points for the tortillas.
  • The Spice lover:    There are flavorings for a Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, a Cheesy Bacon dip mix, and a Spiced Pumpkin Dessert mix, as well as a White Chocolate Amaretto mix.
  • Finally the popular Hearty Beer bread Mix.  Here’s the trick:  If you do not like the taste of beer, add in carbonated water or club soda. (Now there’s a use for the soda machine, just do not add a soda cartridge.)  I can also help you choose a basket and you can add your own basket goodies inside.  Just do not forget the protector. 

I hope I have given you some ideas on what to get your coffee and food lover.  I would enjoy putting these gifts into motion for you.
Disclaimer:   It is no problem to switch out products for Longaberger.   These are baskets that I do exclusively for my customers during the holiday season.  I know it might be a little late for those customers who celebrate Hanukkah (which the first night happens to fall on Thanksgiving).  The Longaberger Company does not endorse these combinations except for the Coffee bundle and the 3-pack coffee.   I am doing this strictly on my own to insure a faster order service. 
If you have any questions before making an order please email me at plogan721@att.net

Also, do not forget there is a Black Friday sale going on until December 1st.    

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I've been trying to piece together a gift for my parent's anniversary that was homemade, healthy, and in a basket. This works perfectly.

    Shiva Basket


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