Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Belly's (Baskets) are back….

The holidays are getting into full swing here at Longaberger and November is the time where preparations are underway.   Even if it is not quite that time where Santa starts to make his presence known, show him a little love with these Santa Belly Baskets.   Even if you are just getting started with this collection or have been collection from the very beginning, these baskets are the perfect way to entertain for a party setting or to look at on Christmas morning. 
  • It's a Longaberger holiday tradition — the Santa Belly! And we are offering it in 3 different varieties on November 6.
  • Choose from the roomy Buffet Basket, available all month, or the new Card Holder Basket and returning Tall Tissue, both available for just one day. Or ... purchase them all!
  • Make it an online party and save even more! Buy one of each and you have a $150 party, which means you can choose one item in the WishList® or November flyer half price!
  • Perfect for holiday decorating and gift-giving. They always bring a smile!
  • Spend just $50 in November, and you can order the Small Laundry Santa Belly Basket for only $99!
Small Laundry Basket:
o   Holds from presents to ice to chill down drinks (protector sold separately)
o   Play Secret Santa, and hide the basket and the presents.  See which child (or adult) can find the presents first, and they get a prize (as well as a special present inside)
o   A fun, festive to do the laundry
o   Shoe caddy
o   Toy bin
o   Small dog bed
Buffet Basket:
§  Holly and candle centerpiece.  Place flower and/or holly in the basket.  Place candle in the center.   Note:  if you have pets and small children, it is best to use the fake plants as the berries are poisonous.
§  With the protector (sold separately), place salads and other side dishes inside.
§  Donation bowl at a charity event.
§  Place keys and other items that need to go with you out the door in the morning.
§  Holds hair bows for infant babies and little girls (big girls too)
§  Vanity basket
§  Holds coffee items for a coffee center
§  Health bars and other small snacks for a lunch room or kitchen
§  Bread bowl
Card Holder:
Ø  Note caddy
Ø  Remote caddy
Ø  Office caddy
Ø  Candy Caddy
Ø  Paper clips
Ø  Olives or pickles
Tall Tissue:
v  Diaper wipes
v  Cotton balls
v  Pencils and other tall office items
v  Baker’s Twine
v  Tall bottles of glue and other crafty items
v  K-cups
v  Packs of hot chocolate and cider
v  Cheese straws and other little snacks for a party

v  Utensils and stir straws for drinks

Order one or all four today.   Psssst.... There is also a tea Santa Belly basket and a Santa Belly ornament available as well, but you did not hear it from me....A little elf said it. 

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