Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get A "Handle" On Organization! Wednesday, January 8 - Thursday, January 9

  • Get organized this January - with our "handy" helper baskets!
  • For one day only, the Extra Small Handy Helper with 2 free protectors joins our family of organizational baskets featured in our January Flyer.
  • Ideal for getting your house back in order after the holidays, this collection will help you get a "handle" on all sorts of organizing.

I can see this is going to a wonderful month for organization.   Did you know that January is organization month?  During the holiday season, we have all gotten gifts and other things that may or may not have a home to place it in.  As part the month of January organizational festivities, these “handy” baskets will not only look great in the bathroom as shown in the pictures, but they will look great in any room.
With the extra small Handy helper basket…
·         Use in the home office for pens, pencils, markers, or drafting tools.
·         For the bedroom, use it on the vanity table or dresser.
·         Hold crochet hooks or a sewing kit for the sewing/craft room
With the small Handy Helper basket…
·         Art center for the kids
·         To carry coffee with the portable coffee machines.
·         Makeup brushes
With the Large Handy Helper basket…
·         Books
·         Current project basket for the craft room
·         Perfumes and lotions, or perhaps a place to keep your face cleansers so they can travel from one bathroom to another.
The Lend a Hand Basket (which looks like the bread basket) can hold anything that the bread basket holds.
·         Small snacks
·         Makeup
·         Nail polish collection
·         Baby diaper stuff for the changing table (creams, powders, toy to entertain baby)
The possibilities are endless.  Contact me at for other ideas.

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