Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Easter Basket-12812BSKT

If you are looking for an Easter basket, I have one for you.   This 2014 Easter Basket-12812BSKT  is perfect for those who have collected Longaberger's previous baskets or for a little's first Easter, but I can think of other ways to fit this basket into your decor.   First of all, it comes in the pastel colors pink, blue, green, coral, lavender, Yellow, and of course, Warm Brown.  All spring colors, so there is no excuse for not putting a little spring into your decor.

It is perfect for you to give as a baby or bridal shower gift, complete with liner and protector.  Don't give just the basket set itself, how about adding the brides favorite things in it, or a few small gifts got the mother to be the day after she has given birth.

This basket could also use a few Easter cookies and candies, and I am not talking about just for the children.   Adults enjoy them too.

In the kitchen, how about using it as a coffee pod caddy or  utensil holder (it looks just like the retired Utensil holder from a few years ago), but it was made with the Spring basket form.  How about a snack caddy as well.

In the baby's room, coordinate the color for a cute addition to hold small books to read to baby, their favorite toys, shoes, socks, and small supply of diapers to have on the changing table.

Speaking of toys, in a boy's room, you can place blue and yellow baskets around the room to hold things like small cars, action figures , and a collection or two.  For girls, hold hair stuff, bracelets, lotions, dolls and their clothes.  (coral and pink baskets) For teens, a basket this size can hold their smartphone, wallet, and other accessories.(any color they choose)

finally in the bath, hold bath bombs, creams and lotions near the tub, shaving supplies, small towels and hair care supplies.

You get the idea.  Let your imagination run free.
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  1. How do you get the fabric square in the basket like this?


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