Sunday, March 23, 2014

Have a Party or two....or turn it into a business opportunity

I am looking for people to host an online or Facebook party.   Actually this party has a QUADRUPLE purpose.  In other words a 4-1 party.  Here is how:   1) Have your friends and family order from you in the form of a catalog party.   2) Take it up a notch, and tell them if they cannot make it, you are taking online orders.  3) From there, take it up another notch and turn it into a Facebook party by inviting your Facebook friends to order from your party.   4)  Those same friends and family you have invited to order from your party, bring them to your home or other venue, have some snacks.  If you live locally, I can bring the products to show, or if not and you have a Skype account, I present live via Skype.   It is just that simple to do.

Want to turn it into a business for yourself?  Simple, turn your party into a 5-1 party.  Now in addition to earning the free and ½ priced items, you get as a host, you can also get credit for the whole party, I will just be presenting for you, and I will tell everyone that you are starting you own Longaberger business and this is your first party.  Just $19 can start your business with Longaberger, and you will also earn 25% commission on all sales, 50% on samples, 20% discount on personal purchases, and 1% override commissions on anyone who becomes a qualified consultant.

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