Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Spice Of Life Is Here! - April 16-17

  • They are the perfect new partners for your kitchen ... or for the grill, or your patio or anywhere - our Spice Basket and Woven Traditions® Spice Jars!
  • Select your favorite colors! Pick your favorite stain for your basket and then order a set of Spice Jars in a complementary color, or mix and match colors!
  • Get creative! With a light-colored dry erase marker, you can even write the name of the Spice Jar contents on the outside.
  • Ideal for keeping all your favorite spices close at hand.
  • A set of 4 Spice Jars fit perfectly inside the basket without protector.
  • Item Nos. - Spice Basket 12896 (+color code); Spice Protector 42323; Single Spice Jar 32359 (+color code); Set of 4 Spice Jars 63308 (+color code); Set of 4 Spice Jars-Bold (Tomato, Cornflower, Ebony, Ivory) 63309; Set of 4 Spice Jars-Mellow (Eggplant, Ivory, Sage, Paprika) 63310.
  • Remember, my Longaberger web site is all new. Come and check it out when you buy this very Spicy collection!

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Some Ideas to do with the spice jars:

  • Store your everyday meds
  • Working on a beading project?   Store to separate the beads.
  • Small embellishments for papercrafting and sewing
  • Mixology for perfumers and chemists
  • New spice blends for cooking and baking
  • Store pet meds
  • Fish food containers

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