Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Longaberger® Medium Fill-It Hurricane Retires Soon

Medium Fill-it Hurricane
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Over the next several days, I want to show you some beautiful decorating ideas you can recreate in your own home. 

First up is the Medium Fill-it Hurricane.  This Lamp is retiring at the end of the month, and if you are looking fun ideas on how to dress up your table during the holidays, and beyond, this makes a wonderful centerpiece for any time of the year.   What I love about the fill-it hurricane, is it a two tier section.  The first section you fill-it with candles of all heights (it can hold a medium pillar candle-divider is included with the fill-it hurricane) ornaments for starters.   With the second half, you can fill-it with candies, or confetti.  But that is just the beginning.

Take the divider out, and you can use it as a food container to hold cigar-like cookies, Prosciutto wrapped melon or bread sticks.   You can also use it in a game called guess how many.  It is a cute little game done at fundraiser events and even some parties for a prize.  Just fill-it full of M&Ms, chips, and other small collectible items.  You can even give the candy (and the fill-it hurricane) away as the top prize.

So now that I have given you some ideas, how about a few more.... (Warning, some links ahead…)

September:   September 21st is the start of the fall season.  Time to get out your reds, greens, golds, and browns, and fill them up.  It is a good way to carry it into the next month.  Add nuts, tiny pumpkins (without the faces), gourds, and leaves around the table for that festive fall look.  

October:  When October hits, it is time for harvest. It is also time for all things Halloween and spooky.  For the bottom half of the hurricane, add some purple and black confetti (or candy wrapped in those colors.  Add in the top half, add in some googly eyes, spiders (plastic ones of course) or for the party, have some punch colored with some greenwitch’s brew, if you want to use the whole hurricane as a punch bowl.  

November:  it is time to take the black and purple out, and stick to the traditional fall colors.  For Thanksgiving, make a cornucopia, by adding a piece of fabric on the table to keep the hurricane from rolling off the table.  Gently add in small pumpkins, Indian corn, leaves, and small squash on the inside.
December:   The holiday season gives us two specials this year (actually four, more in a moment)…  Take the browns and oranges off of the table, and add in the bling.   White serves three purposes (winter, Christmas, and Hanukkah), and what better way to add is through lights (tea and table lights).  Blue is the traditional colors for winter and Hanukkah, and a non-traditional color for Christmas.  Burgundy is a non-traditional but classic color for Christmas.  All of them can be showed off in the Medium Hurricane.  The end of the month, highlights a non-religious holiday for African Americans called Kwanzaa, and if you celebrate the 7-day holiday, harvest colors make a comeback, alone with black.

I have given you 4 months of dressing up your Medium Fill-it Hurricane, There are just a few more to show you how to decorate beginning with the month of January in the video below, and this will give you 365 days of unending table decorating with this products.

Questions on how to get one?  Email me at or just visit my website.  

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