Friday, October 31, 2014

Organizing for the Holidays and this weeks Special

Okay, I am going to say this once and for all, before you put down one single ornament, wreath, or start baking a single cookie, please do this for me. Organize, set a plan, and do not go into the holiday season, without doing any of these actions. The reason why I am saying this, is quite simple. You do not want to get into the holiday spirit and come out looking effortless. There are some steps you need to take before executing anything for the holidays. The holidays I’m talking about are; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. If you have any minor holidays in the mix, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or for the Muslim holiday, you really need to plan.

1.       Start early. By starting early, you are not rushing at the last minute, trying to get a list of things to do, things to be bought, in areas to decorate.
2.       Set a plan. By setting a plan, you know exactly what you are supposed to do, at what time, I many people you plan on coming, and how long it will take to do each project.
3.       Locate your decorations. Even if you know where your decorations are, a lot has happened since the last time you put your decorations away, such as moving to a new location.
4.       Make a guest list. By making it guest list, you know exactly who you want to invite, and when. Be sure to start sending out invitations at a reasonable time, so that your guests can plan ahead of time, and to let you know if they cannot make it that evening of your party, or family get-together.
5.       Make a gift list. This list should include items such as the name of the person you are giving a gift to, their size if giving clothing, color, and type of toy or other item if it is a special request. If it is a toy, make sure you tell the child in question, that this is only a request, and Santa may have something special in mind for that child, but they will like it.
6.       Make out a card list. Make sure you have the recipient’s current name, address, city, state, and zip code. Also, make sure you have enough postage for each card. The last thing you need, is to have a card returned, especially if you have something extra in it.
7.       Make sure you have everything ready for overnight guests. In fact, make it special for them. Have a basket filled with their favorite things, such as a book they might like to read, your favorite music, fresh towels, robe, or anything else feel will make their stay memorable.
8.       Have fun. Make sure everything is done before the guests arrive, so that you can be the hostess instead of being behind the scenes for most of your event.
Sometimes, it might be good to hire help if you can afford it, but I think it would be more fun, if you just plan ahead of time, have the knowledge that your guests are happy, and having a good time as well.
Now for today’s special.

Slide Our Sleigh Basket Into Your Holiday Decor
  • You can almost feel the cold air on your cheeks and taste a snowflake on your tongue when you add our 2014 Holiday Helper™ Sleigh Basket to your holiday display.
  • Beginning with a beautifully woven Longaberger Basket, our basketmakers nail 2 wooden runners on the bottom for a cute and colorful sleigh display.
  • Fill with evergreen sprigs, pinecones, holiday candy, nuts or anything that expresses the spirit of the season!
  • Dash on over to my Longaberger web site to view our complete 2014 Christmas Collection.

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